Newer games impressions.

If you EVER attempt to interfere with my digging myself into a hole again, I’ll fucking <font size=“7”><b><u><i>KILL</i></u></b></font> you.

<i>hey</i> <u><b>man</b></u>, <i><u><b>tha</u>t’s</b></i> not coo<b>l.</b>
and neither is the stupid font bullshit

If you’re gonna do it, at least have the decency not to do it <font size=“7”><b><u><i>WRONG</i></u><b></font>.

I disagree with Hades’ assessment of GTA: San Andreas.

Suckage is all, coolness is me. Argument is null and void. Large text and tags are not cool. Ramza is a jerk. This is truth. All else is lies.

The thread is over. Tear off here.

But I helped you on your essay ;_;

Did you not see my perforated post for easy tearing? -_-

I reconize GTA and Halo 2 for being good, there just not games I normaly play

Since this thread is dying, I would like to take this time to say…

OMFG PERSON AHHH YOUR AVVY/SIG REMIND ME OF URIEL- WHY, WHY?! You dirty yourself and all those around you. ; ; It’s like having an avatar of Bush or something.

Oh, and hades, as much truth as there is in the fact that the new games suck the ASS, they aren’t talking about them in comparison with the older, better games. We all know nothing can compete with SM3, or SoM, or CT. But they are trying to forget the better times so that reality right now doesn’t suck so bad they take their razor blades to their wrists and slit them oh so softly and then use the blood to write a suicide note which they won’t finish because they’ll pass out about half-way through from blood loss.


I donated 2 cups of Blood on friday. It was cool.


See, I can’t donate blood. They have this rule that if you’re gay you can’t donate blood. Pretty cool, I can use being gay as an excuse for so much!

Christans, Blood Banks, Military, and if the place I work for things it’s an illness, I can call in saying I’m still gay! Hotness!


And I can blackmail you by threatening to tell Fiona you’re gay! Oh wait, no I can’t. I already did that :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there nothing left in this world to do? Alas!

Also, why does my kissy keep moving the fuck around in the icon bar? It is very irritating.


Does it get you to the front of the line in amusment parks Eden?

See, I would jump on the Hades-bashing-bandwagon, but I already did that. Like, 3 years ago.

I’d have to go with that :D:D:D

By the way, in case anybody hadn’t noticed (which apparently, no one has), all you have to do to lay waste to Hades is ask him to explain his logic. Try it, it works.

I can’t believe I seem to be the sole holder of this “secret”.

Hmmm, logic, eh? I’ll have to remember that. [/Science Vessel]