Newer games impressions.

Hades has been burninated.

[Insert a half-assed attempt at being witty here]

And so goes any intellectual discussion this thread may of had.

Because you need a man’s touch. But not me.

Because you suck at life.

I agree with hades. Halo 2 and San Andreas didn’t come from japan, and people other than super hardcore otakus play them, so they must be big pieces of shit that just cater to casual gamers. Obviously since my attention is so short, i need a game that can cater to it, and since these games cater to everyone with a 15 minute and up attention span, they must SUCK. FUCK OTHE PEOPLES OPINIONS!

Hey hades, you know how no good games have come out since Mario 3? Shut the fuck up, your “Favorite Game” which you list as final fantasy, came out <i>after</i> mario 3 you fuckshit. It came out in 1990, AFTER fucking Mario 3. Unless you went to japan and bought the famicom version, YOUR FAVORITE FUCKING GAME isn’t good. =( And you’ll probably just say “thats not my favorite game, i just put it there”, except, i dont care. Your opinion is completely narrowminded and retarded.

And i love how you have quit gaming, but continue to post on a gaming forum. That makes a ton of sense. Please go get yourself rebanned. Please.

He was banned before? Why was he unbanned? Who would do such an unhumanitarian thing?

Hades doesn’t like anything popular. That’s a fact, right Hadey? :wink:

Ok, as much as I’m agreeing with the majority of the posters, this thread has gone the way of the stupid.

I just thought people needed to see this quote. Seems like no one noticed it, which is a shame.

Back to the topic: Yeah, San Andreas does rule. I wasn’t really that impressed by Halo 2, because I didn’t really see the difference. But SA is awesome. Love the variety of the missions, the atmosphere of the game, and the music. Gotta love 90s rap.

Yeah, thats because Hades is an “anti”. Atheists are only the way the are because they’re trying to be cool. Popular video games suck. The U.S.A is a shithole.

but i thought the USA was a shithole O.o

My name is Dev and this thread was fucking rawsome until I posted my shitty overreactive opinion on it in response to a joke :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And by the way Dev, I don’t find all games bad, but Halo 2 and GTA:SA, trully are, the <font size=“7”>FUCKING SHITTIEST GAMES EVER.</font> Grow some fucking taste, you retarded gradeschooler. /end provocation

By the way Ion, I fucking love you, and your sig cracks me up every time.

Anyway, back to the topic. Halo 2 definitely isn’t a bad game by any streach, I just think that Halo is a hard act to follow and soem of the changes affect people differently. Some people probably, or probably will, love playing the aliens (even though they control the saame for the most part as the Master Chief). I’m not too big of a fan. In fac the alien part I think takes away some of the purpose in the game. In all games I need a reason for what I’m doing, even if it is the basic save the princess (the reason that MMORPGs don’t jive with me completely). The switching sides makes it hard to get attached and have any real goal but to beat the game. In Halo you were sort of stranded on this mystical thign that you new nothign about and were being hunted in a way. Plus, the backstory given to the conflict added another angle. Bottomline is that you had a major drive and could connect and relate to the characters. The environments truly are a mixed bag. Some of them are awesome and are truly inspiring, but others seem liek a huge step back fro FPSes. They are so narrow and it feels like you are being guided on rails.

I don’t hate Halo 2, but I don’t think it even comes close to deserving the line-up-at-walmart-30-hours-before-its-release-so-you-can-get-the-first-copy reputation a lot of sub-respectable halo junkies gave it.

If you don’t hate it then why did you say it was one of the “fucking shittiest games ever”?

I am a fan of the older school, but GTA:SA and Halo 2 are both games I am looking forward to.

Because it was a blatant attempt to provoke Dev with no actual passion behind it? You’re an <font size=“7”><b><u><i>idiot</i></u></b></font>, man :stuck_out_tongue:

Hades. It’d be best to shut the fuck up and leave the thread now >.>;