Newer games impressions.

Because I’ve been streesing out lately, I’ve rented games, or traded in ones that I no longer play for newer games. Here are those impressions.

GTA: San Andreas - Best GTA in the series. I haven’t been too big of a fan of the series, but this one is gold. The references to the other games are awesome and create a nice universe. No longer just working for money, but having tons of things to buy makes random acts of violence actually worth it (a big complaint I’ve had about past GTAs). The world is big and diverse. Hell, the first part of it makes GTA3’s Liberty City look small. The lack of load times is also a big plus. The targetting could use some work, but it isn’t too bad. It’s one fot he best games I’ve played in a long time. In fact, I have a hard time playing other games sicne I feel that I should be playing this.

Halo 2 - Not quite as good as the first one. The levels flow better, but they aren’t as big or interesting as Halo. There is also something that is hard to say, but it is lacking it from Halo. The graphics are awesome and the story is pretty cool so far. There is too big of an emphasis on the aliens. Also, it lacks some of the drive that Halo had. In Halo it felt like you were fighting for your life and there was no choice but to fight, but Halo 2 lacks that. Fighting seems to be some what forcedd. The gameplay is great though, I wish that there was mroe ammo since there is a lot of shooting in this game. The losing of the lfie makes sense and was a smart thing to do. In Halo, I would always go back and try to keep my health at its max and let my shield recharge. By just having a sheild, it helps speed somethings up. The vehicles are much cooler and have some nice moves. My only complaint is that there is a bit too much emphasis on them and the Scorpion tank moves like molasses. Good game, definitely one of the better FPSes, but not quite as good as Halo. Online play is blast, but the matches are too short and it takes too loong to find a match.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (soon to come, Up Your Arsenal) - I have been pleasantly surprised with this one. One of the better platformers. Trageting is a little annoying at times, but still pretty good. The jumping and all that is handled well and is remisecent of older platofrm games. The cutscenes are great and add much to the atmosphere. Very good game, and I can’t wait to play Up Your Arsenal.

One great aspect of R&C: Up Your Arsenal…It makes fun of Britney Spears! XD

I only played it a bit on my friend’s machine, but I think that Halo 2 kicks the everliving crap out of the original Halo.

Neogamingindustry = Too many too shitty.

I’ve pretty much quit gaming altogether, because despite all of the new technology, there hasn’t been a game as good as Mario 3 since Mario 3.

You know all of that mass produced dime-a-dozen bullshit that most people only shuffle through to get to the good stuff? That definition now encompasses all of gaming, only there IS NO GOOD STUFF.


No-one wants to hear your nostalgic rambling bullshit!!!

I played GTA:SA on my dorm-mate’s PSTwo, and it rocks muchly. There are always shitty games. There always will be shitty games. There will always be mountains of shitty games hiding the gems. Just because we prefer old games to new ones doesn’t mean there ARE NO NEW GOOD GAMES! You think the SNES era was a shining example of gaming? WRONG. There were tons of shitty games, and there were tons of shitty games on the NES and the Amiga and all it’s myraid ancestors!

So let’s all stop this ‘there-are-no-good-games-anymore’ elistist crap and go quietly into the night, to rest with the fossils of older eras.


Also Shinn Asuka could beat up Piccolo. So there.

I’m not quite as emotional as Pie on the matter, but I share his view. There may be loads and loads of shitty games, but remember that what we call gems were all hidden under loads and loads of shit too.

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Hades is going the way of uriel. Mostly for the fact everyone wants him here so they can bash him.
GTA:SA really hasn’t done anything new. Nonetheless, it is still a fun game.

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Because your’ real life is pissy and you want to not enjoy them so you can have the right to bitch about it online.

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