Newbie....well kinda

Hey everybody! How’s it goin?

I used to be here a couple of months ago, but I think nobody will remember me.

Well now I am here and it feels good to be back! :hahaha;


Welcome back I guess.

I remember you. Welcome back

Welcome back

You haven’t been gone all that long. Anyway, welcome back I suppose.

Not only do i remember you, but what you look like. i stalk people.

Originally posted by Shinobi
Not only do i remember you, but what you look like. i stalk people.


very scary 0_0

I dont know you because I havent been hanging out here very often anymore until just recently :slight_smile:

so uh, yo

Heh, I know you. In fact –


Oh for –

I remember you…somewhat.

I remember you too GG Crono 4.

You were that Spacenalls fan.

<img src=“”> It’s Nightblade the Halfling Thief! And he’s carrying a 12 pack of Mountain Dew!

I remember that line TD.

gives everybody a bottle of mountain dew and a sandwich

Go back to your tavern with wenches.

Welcome Back, hope to see more of you!

does the welcome back dance

I remember you

Question: How do you can that text that uppers under your name and above the avatar?

Get 1,000 posts. Or ask an admin to change it (note: you have to have had 850+ posts before the deletion and/or have a good connection with admins otherwise).

I bid you welcome back, from the Gates of Heaven.

HSssss, that jusssst doesssssn’t sssssound right!!

Strangely enough, I know what you mean, Jadex.