Newbie Question

How are threads derailed? Because one of mine has a lock on it.

Off topic.

Lock on it

I derailed it. It got closed.
End of story.

I would think it’s when someone changes topic on a topic and it continues to either continue off topic or switch to random topic C out of no where, in which a admin or mod has a call to duty and uses the mighty iron hammer of phpbb or something and smitens the reply button into a greyer more ominious “locked” button.

So in general if it strays off topic, the threads life span is threatened.

Yay! 400th post!

Its not your fault Kairi, its Steves :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine got really of topic, but I forgive you steve. But only if you do something about the creepy Barney

Sometimes when you set a bomb on the tracks, and blow the tracks up, or tear them up with heavy manual labor, and manage to hide that knowledge from the train people, the trains will go over the break and lose their holds on the path, and thus become derailed. Other times, trains will become derailed by crashing into objects on the tracks, like cars or such, with enough force that the impact knocks them off the rails. Or sometimes they just hit a time on the tracks and get derailed that way.

Now, if you lock something, you could either use a standard padlock, or if it is something electronic perhaps you would encrypt it. Or if it is physical, you could also put it in a room or chest and lock it in there. Maybe you could try those briefcase things, too, that use number combinations instead of keys. Or you could lock things up in a safe at a bank, perhaps? Whatever, the same thing is accomplished either way. The difference is to the effectiveness!

Sarcastic one, aren’t ya.

No, just prone to nonsensical rambling and ranting.

It usually happens when things get way too stupid or way too heated. Like Flaming Wars.

It wasn’t your fault, it was Barney’s and… well I guess we (Those who where there) all contributed to it too. Sorry.

It usually occurs with something like this:


Errr… No, wait, that’s pretty common. Never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember, kids, when somebody set up us the off-topic banality, mods get signal, and Reply screen turn off!

You deserve to die for that.

I aim to please. Oh, and Cala, you should’ve put “eleven” at the end.

Oh shush Yar. You know I don’t speak AOL as a native tongue.

Remember, kids, when somebody set up us the off-topic banality, mods get signal, and Reply screen turn off!

Translates to:
Remember, young ones, when someone knocks the thread into off topicness, mods close the thread, and you can no longer reply!