Newbie here....

Hey, you guys! I’m a newbie her since, like tree days but I didn’t have the chance to introduce to you all, so that’s what I’m doing right now.

English is not my original language, so expect a lot of mistakes… I hope I get along with you guys fine…

I talk soooooooo much, sooooo be sure to let me know when to shut up…

You can call me whatever you like… Danryd, or Dan or just Ryd. as long is not offensive.

Even though you have been here longer than me, I’d like to welcome you anyways! So far I’ve found RPGC to be a great place with fun people! Enjoy!

Hello! YAY! Another newcomer! I AM NOT ALONE!!

Sorry…couldn’t help it. Welcome! I’ve only been here for what, three posts, and I already know that everyone here is nuts…


You don’t know yet, but I’m the reason you are here.

(Yes, I was the first one to say that!)

Thanks… I got no chance to introduce myself the past days, so… Glad I’m not alone!!!

Kitty, you don’t realize that with each post a small portion of your sanity is absorbed from your body to feed a demon that runs these forums, and in the end you will lose all knowledge of the outside world and will be engulfed into the pit of despair for the insane!


It’s Danryd, the Halfling thief! And he is carrying a 12-pack of mountain dew!

(stole your line TD!)

I will? I WILL!? Eep…!! …wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Is that so bad…? Or is that the insane me talking??

You guys have a weird sense of humor, But I REALLY LIKE THAT!

speaks in a hypnotizing voice there is only an insane you… you are crazy, delirious! Now! Go to Cala and report for work!!!
laughs insanely :mwahaha:

:mwahaha: Kefka will come and drink all the mountain dew! :mwahaha:

Hey Danzig, you might like to know that SG is also from mexico.

I will be a slave for no one! Claws eject I am a stray, you hear me! I go where I want, when I want to, and I will NOT allow you to harm the newbie, either! Growls

/me pets the kitty

I like you

looks at Charlemagne and titles him a dead man, but hangs around to watch since Kitty hasn’t responded just yet

And thus the latest wave of n00bs continues…

welcome to RPGC. Enjoy your stay, cuz there ain’t no way out. :mwahaha:

Hey, back off! Bares teeth I like it when people pet me…so unless he pets me the wrong way, I stick up for him! Growls

Danzig rocks.

Another one o_o;;;

Hello, welcome to hell, don’t leave corpses lyieing around or we’ll steal them and then it’s your fault.

blinks and laughs uneasily, retreating to a safe distance