Newbie here... heh, don't I feel special?

Well, not much to say but… hi I guess.

bout time someone took the name Reno.


Hey…! It’s another newbie!! Hiya, I am too! The name’s Kitty Cat Gal, but so far people have called me Kitty! Hi there! :yipee:

Welcome to the agora, <del>feel special newbie</del> Reno.

Ohhhh, I found the problem, somone set RPGC to enable newbies. flips the switch

Do you want me to go, Charlemagne? Aw…:eek:

Welcoem to RPGC, it’s becoming more and more popular lately! Prepare to lose your sanity and have a great time!:wave:

Wow…we havn’t had a wave this big in quite awhile. :slight_smile:

If you’re wondering what that means…the newbies usualy come in waves. Over a few weeks, there’s a bunch of them, and then for a good while, there’s none at all. It’s weird, but that’s how it usualy works.

Enjoy your time at RPGC, beacause once we suck you in, there’s no way out. :mwahaha:

Not you, Kitty, the new males should leave, but we are still in need for females.

Just post your pic.

Is that so…

Wow. Reno is a show store in Germany. :confused:


I killed a man, in Reno, just to watch him die.

Hello shoe store.:mwahaha:


Get a pic of yourself, and post it, a hundred people have done it.

Well, I dunno…

Custom avatars thingys… ya gotta get, uh, 10 posts right? Or somethin like that.

Yea, 10 posts. Reno is a city in Nevada. It’s also the name of an NPC in Final Fantasy 7.

Man, I’m a lot of things ain’t I?