New year's resolutions

I honestly don’t have one… I break 90% of my promises, so one to myself wouldn’t last a day.

My resolution is to get a gym thing, then make mum make me get up in the morning to go. I’m really looking forward to this one.

  1. Getting a real social life.
  2. Going to the fitness centre more often. I normally try to go each day, alternating between weights and aerobics, but recently, I have been having trouble…probably because of work. I am not out of shape at all, but I need to keep up being fit.

1: Getting twice as much resolution as SG. Oh wait, already got it >:D

You can’t achieve success with all of them because going for nuber 3 prevents you from going after 1, 2 and 4.

Actually it is possible for me

1.I got to begin studying
2.When i get the scholarship I leave it at the bank and let it acumulate summer i have more than 1,000$ at the bank at my name
4.Buy video games

simple right?

1 : Not get as shitfaced drunk…for at least another month
2 : Work out a tad. As one of my friends said, if we worked out slowly at first, but more intensely afterwards, there’s something to be done here.
3 : Stop buying videogames (will break that one rather easily, probably as soon as Digital Devil Saga comes out)
4 : Pass all my courses so I may enter University

Your new years resolution fucking sucks

I’m going to try to kill less homeless people.

But its TWICE as much as yours!!!11

Seriously, you get used to the small text after a while. I’ve got, like, 51 icons on desktop, and its only 2.5 rows.

Working more on my novel and finishing off Alternate Fates, so help me God.

Not dying.

None. I’m already perfect!

Seriously, it sucks twice as much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Get down to 3% BFP!

-Write my book
-Graduate High School
-Figure out what I’m doing with my life
-Get a job
-Work out
-Fix my car
-Get my band off the ground
-Have far more sex this year than I did last year

So are you saying that a desktop resolution of 320x240 would be enough for you? You are no geek!

I am a supergeek and 800x600 suffices to me. I only set it to a higher one when I go gaming, otherwise I like to keep my video board cool.

Blah I say! Too both of you!

[li]Get more manga
[/li][li]Get a part time job in order to get more manga
[/li][li]Listen to more Jrock and Jpop
[/li][li]Learn some Japanese so I can understand what they’re saying in those Jrock and Jpop songs

That’s it for now.

Ok listy Time!

  1. Join the RPGC
  2. Make a Shrine
  3. Earn Cash
  4. Buy RPGs
  5. Discover why I don’t want to look the Queen of the Books in her eyes.
  6. have the bakers Daughter get wet in the crotch area.
  7. Finish “Discus/Time” story to sell…

Wait! Those are Last years. You’ve done 6 and 7. 6 was done at a water fight. I would show photo evedence if the scanner was working. 7: You decided to do it as a Novel or a series of novels.

Ok. I didn’t wet her for number six. So this years.

  1. Join the RPGC as staff
  2. Finnish the Pokémon G/S Shrine
  3. Earn Cash
  4. Buy RPGs
  5. Discover why I don’t want to look the Queen of the Books in her eyes, and avoid the whip!
  6. Find a Girl to want to stay with me till the end of time… (aka, find a girl Marry)
  7. Finish “Discus/Time” Novel to sell…

Big Nutter
I would help him with number 6 if I wasn’t Imaganary.