New year's resolutions

So come on, out with them. I haven’t made one since I don’t believe in your religions.

Nah, just can’t think of one.



SG, you’re so lame.

I’m going to try to keep more meticulous finiancial records. I know about how much money I have at a given time, but I’m not satisfied with the lack of knowledge, especially since it’s my fault.

This should help since I’m hoping to buy a home this year.

-Get All A’s
-Get FFXI & KH 2 XD

Well let’s see here hmm:

1.Lose some wieght
2.Drastically improve my grades (D avarage for first semester of collage is not very happy)
3.get more video games
4.handle money with more care

Man this is the year with most resolutios I have had yet.

Clear all debts aside student loans asap.

Another resolution is to take more time learning the music theory and actually have some presentable material by mid-summer.

Get a job relating to the game industry if all possible(preferably for sound/music creation).

Move out from home to a decent appartment where it would be within walking distance to said possible audio dream job.

Actually making an effort in school and getting all As like I did in elementary.
Working out. I need some muscle.
Deciding what the heck I’m going to study in university.

And that’s about it.

Work out at least 30 minutes a day.
Make sure to brush teeth daily (I often don’t if I’m not going out).

Stop being so damn lazy

Not die.

Work harder.

Quit Smokinkg Cigatrette es. Fre drunkern New years pist hooray :victoly:.

hmm…Make sure I don’t snap at my brother when he doesn’t deserve it.

I had some resolutions for this year but I got them all done by the middle of December 2004. Mainly including getting the job I’m currently into, paying my debts and getting my room remodeled.

lol, SG

I resolute to get something published this year.

Lessee…my resolutions are to get the Chain of Memories shrine through review, complete the Paper Mario 2 shrine and then stop shrining for a while and concentrate on getting a job so I can afford my voice acting classes so I can hone my abilities to be the best voice actor I can be. Oh and to get an agent and to get some audition experience under my belt.

My resolution is not to make one. Many of 'em get broken not long after they’re made.


You can’t achieve success with all of them because going for nuber 3 prevents you from going after 1, 2 and 4.

-Get over the lawsuit and attack
-Improve grades since attack -_-;;
-Get better!!! (at everything…)
-Annnnnnd… get more sleep.

-Lose a bit of weight. I’m fine now, but I’ll eventually turn into a fat scholar. :stuck_out_tongue:
-Get my drivers’ permit
-Get my grades back up (since second semester they’ve been falling a bit)
-Work much harder and organize myself more