new WoW RPGC startup

some of us have thought about starting RPGC characters on a server somewhere and scheduling instance runs together. If you’re interested please post here with any Realm / Type / Faction preferences.

Also post what classes you’d be willing to do, since if there aren’t going to be a ton of us we’ll want to balance our classes a bit. The idea is not for these characters to be hard-cored played, just to level a little, and enjoy hanging out with one another in a videogame like we used to in days of yore.

My preference is to do a Horde PVP server on a North American server. I’d be willing to do just about any class, probably not a mage/warrior but I don’t mind. I tend to pick my class after a bunch of other people do so as to fill in some class-holes.

I’d play, preferably Horde. Doesn’t matter which realm.

Class? I’d like to play a priest or warlock.

I don’t really care about the realm…I’ll play horde,but I prefer alliance…I’d like to be a warrior or hunter…

I’m waiting for the expansion before starting a new character, I’ve talked with Sinistral and we came up with our next death squad concept.

Otherwise I’ll run out of game juice when it is out if I try to pump another dude to 60 again.

It’ll be fucking ridiculous. I can’t wait to retry it considering how we did 4 man sm before 40.

What realm will it be so I can start leveling a hunter or warrior ______

don’t know. don’t count on us. we’ll cross that bridge when we get there in about 3 months (if it comes out then).

Otherwise I’ll run out of game juice when it is out if I try to pump another dude to 60 again.
well the plan I have is not to power-level characters. I’d only play it in my spare time and when my main character doesn’t have stuff to do. I would anticipate a few weeks to a month before we even do RC. The goal is just to level slowly and then when we’re all ready, agree on a mutual time and do an instance or a BG or something. Low-level battlegrounds are awesome, btw. And when the expansion comes out there will be so much to do that I bet this character will be on hold indefinitely, I just want to play a game with some RPGCers once in a while.

It sounds neato, if only I hadn’t cancelled my account on Friday.
(I still have a month left to play it though, since I cancelled just after I was billed for Aug 18-Sept 18, which was a rather painful coincidence since I had no intention of cancelling until after I was billed.)

why’d you cancel? Come back!


you guys should totally play smolderthorn horde

I cancelled because long story

A few months ago, I was questing in Desolace, when my computer suddenly shut off. I thought it was odd, but then I turned it back on, continued fighting skeleton ravagers, and it shut off again. It then went for a long time without shutting off, until I went to STV and it was doing it over and over, like less than 10 minutes between shut downs. I went through all the fixing steps and none of them worked, so in desperation I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It worked for about a month, but just the other day it started crashing again, first in Darkshore, then in STV, so I just gave up. The rampant shut downs can’t be good for my comp, nor for my character since I’m just standing there getting beat on while it’s down.

If your computer is just suddenly shutting down, it could be a power supply problem triggered by all the work the game is doing.

You know, that’s probably it, I heard that elsewhere too. It also makes a weird sound every time it shuts down though, would that be due to the power supply as well? Also, how would I go about getting something like that solved?

Sounds cool. I usually like to play Orcs/Humans and fill in class holes, so I’m up for anything.

Sohee, your comp may be overheating due to what Vorpy mentioned. Try putting the air conditioner on or putting a fan next to the computer. Did the problem coincide with a change in room temperature(that is to say, was it a lot colder in your room during the winter?) You say it started shutting down a few months ago… which probably coincided with when it started getting real hot wherever you live. Also shut down all the other applications - if you have a lot of music or videos on your comp, I think that may be a problem. The same shutting-down thing used to happen to me.

Course, you could get anew comp or laptop… that would be the best solution.

Also, I’m in, if I ever get my account unlocked.

Well I ripped open my comp to take a look, and it was filled with dust. All three fans had lots of dust inside, and the one on the motherboard was totally clogged with dust, it had a solid wall of dust on it. I cleaned all the dust out now, though. Might that have contributed to the problem?

Only one way to find out.