New way to waste your life on a Flash game!

19.28 seconds.

31 seconds first real try. Going for the gold.:cool:

Bad, Cala… and IonMage — fucking sucks.


;_; almost a min

Closest to a minute.

And the shortest game.

Nice one, Panama.

BTW, I timed 21,5 secs.

YAY over a Minute :yipee:


You lasted 93.15 seconds.

Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been temporarily the best at one of these things.Go me! :moogle:

I got up to about 30 seconds… but I care not to get hooked on another one of these… I spent WAY to much time on the Penguin game, and I don’t want that to happen again.

My little brother got 2 whole minutes… and I have no idea how!

No, that image is not edited in any way. Anyone who isn’t Xelopheris or possibly Dalton’s bro that can say how I did this gets a cookie.

I like cookies. I also like stalling Javascript with the Properties window. Follow along with the poorly made diagram.

Panama gets a cookie. That’s exactly how I did it too. However, I needed to use my browser, so I had to give up after 4 minutes.

What else would you use? I just found out that you click properties and then wait… and it took me (someone who had no idea) less than four minutes with the browser?! AND UR LIEK SOME! TO KNOW!! ! or something…

A winner is I.
7 Hours, 4 Minutes, 53 Seconds, 312 Milliseconds

Except cheaters never win. =p

The school computers suck, so I couldn’t play.

That’s strangely addictive, but I could only get 55.65.

click here

'Ave it! :mwahaha: