New Virus.

Does anyone know about a new Virus going around? My mate’s got it and his computers fucked. My dad got a call from a friend this morining telling him about it.

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Just so all of you know, our mail server seems to be getting ravaged by that SoBig.F e-mail worm/virus you may have heard about on the news or something. In any event, what it’s causing is a flooding of our e-mail addresses (especially pop accounts) and we’re being inundated with spam/virused mail. There also seems to be an issue with sending mail as well. Anyway, until BN fixes the problem or until I do something, I don’t recommend e-mailing staffers right now since their boxes may be clogged or something. I am running my e-mail gatherer 24/7 however, so if you have any questions either try to track the staffer down on the forums or chat, or e-mail and I’ll be sure your message is delivered. You can also contact me on AIM (Merlin3649) too. Thanks and hopefully this is just a temporary issue.

Doen’t really tell me about it though. But ya I should read the main page more often.

It’s a variant of an older worm by a similar name.