New update!

As you can see over the site rveach kindly let us add some PSX projects to the site, Khamrai and the Rurouni Kenshin RPG.

Both of them are really nice games, and deserve a translation, hopefully some really skilled translation would step up and help with them, because I don’t hink I’d be able to help at this moment with them. And I say really skilled… because all of the people out there that think that can translate Japanese by just knowing some basic hiragana, katakana and having a dictionary, no offence intended to them, but that’s far from truth, and I guess I’m too demanding with these things, I wouldn’t like the games to have worse translation than what they deserves ;).

I’ve also added several icons to the site, so people can use them while posting comments.

And this is not all, there are more things yet to come ;).

Feel free to post your opinions and suggestions :P. Let’s make YnT and RPGC bigger ;).

Uhm… I fixed a recently introduced bug with the site display on IE that Kammedo just noticed. I guess every YnT visitor uses Firefox… or they were lazy to comment about it heh.