New to this, but...

I know I know. USE THE SEARCH OPTION!!! But there were more than 31 pages and I don’t have time to go through all that.

I am new to FF. I have heard so much about this game and have finally decided to get into it. I am an huge RPG player and want to start any series from the exact beginning and take the game exactly as it was meant to be played. Now i’ve seen that there are different versions, Japanese and American, also that FFIII(?) is the same as IV in japan? I don’t know, this is what confuses me. If there is somewhere on the actual site that explains the order and systems I should play these games on, than please point me towards that area. I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it there.

Thank you in advance.

Mach: Just go to our Final Fantasy Compendium site, it should clear up ALL your doubts!

Note that the games in the FF series really aren’t connected by more than general gameplay, some monsters, spells, etc. The actual stories are completely unique, and the original games play very differently from later ones. Still, it’s very admirable for you to start at the beginning. :sunglasses: Note that every one of the first 10 FF games are available for PSX or PS2, with the exception of FF3, which has never officially been released in English or on any systems other than NES. You can play it on an NES emulator in English, though.

There is actually a site with more ff knowledge than you need, but I’m too lazy to link it.
FF1- released many times in english and japanese, newest rerelease of it is in ff origions for PS
ff2- pretty much the same deal as ff1 I think. Newest version of it in FF Origions. A bit of a black sheep since it has a strange way of leveling.
FF3- One of the best in my opinion. you’re only going to find this in japanese for the nes or a english rom for it.
ff4- First realised in America in an easier version for the snes as ff2. The most current version of it is the harder version in some PS combo with Chrono Trigger.
ff5- Only released in wenglish on FF Anthologies for PS. released on snes in Japan first.
ff6- also known as ff3 becuase it was first released as ff3 in America on the snes. newest version of it is found in FF anthologies for snes.
ff7- Another of the best, realeased in both countries for the PS.
ff8- another kind of black sheep, released in both languages on the PS.
ff9- smae story with the release thing as the last two.
ffX- released on the ps2 in two versions i think, international and a easier version. not to sure with this one.
and that’s about were my ff knowledge ends. hope it helps.

The thing about the Final Fantasy series is that there isn’t any one place to start; almost none of the games are directly connected (FFX and FFX-2 are, for instance, but otherwise the numbered games aren’t). Try them all, you’re bound to enjoy at least one, more likely many. There is a decent variety in the gameplay throughout the series, so you can’t really judge any of the ones you haven’t played based on the ones you have. As for me, FF 1, 5 and 10 are my favorites. Also, if you need a translation patch for an FF3j rom, I can give you one.

Cool name, by the way.

Yeah, i got an nes emulator. I got FF1 and 2, but having a hard time finding 3. All i can find is a sound file (?!). What good that will do me, i don’t know. I just dl the zsnes emu and am trying to find FF3 for that. But would it just be better to get a PS2 and buy one of the collection games for it?

If you want to play all the pre-PSX games on the PSX, you’ll need to buy three collections (FF1+2, FF5+6, and FF4). Note that FF1+2 are remakes, whereas the rest are exactly the same games except for some extras like movie sequences.

That’s right that none of them (besides X and X-2) are connected, but did you guys catch the similarity in FF9 about FF1? Garland says he tried to destroy Gaia with force long ago, but fails. If memory serves me right, one of the main badguys of FF1 was named Garland…and he certainly tried to destroy Gaia with force :slight_smile: I don’t know if you can really call that a connection, but interesting isn’t it?

There are plenty of in-series references, especially in FF9, which was meant as a kind of “FF side story”.