new to the forums-nyo

hello everyone. im new here so please be nice… or ill let my berzerk side out…>>;;

Please allow me to be the first (I hope) to welcome you to the boards. I have a feeling that this might be of some use to you in the future gives Shin_Kyuji a large, rubber mallet Don’t worry, we’re perfecly sane (cough, cough)

thankupo Sapphire Falcon. Ill use it very well


:slight_smile: Hi!:wave: I just joined today too, welcoem to the forums and prepare yourself for the Weird!
bows and hands Shin Kyuji a cookie
Would you rather be called Shin or Kyuji for short? Or SK?

That won’t work…Sephiroth Katana is SK already, so NYAH! :hahaha;

Anywho…Welcome to RPGC. Don’t start trouble.

In the event of a water landing, you will be used as a flotation device.

eats the cookie thankupo for the cookie.
some people call me shin-kun or shin-chan.
and even though im a cat boy… I am a water elementialist

Welcome to RPGC. Please turn in your wallet and any valuables you have before doing anything else.

Alright, if you want more cookies, just ask Jing, she has apples too! Do you mind if I call you Shin?

thanks for the tip majin. also i have a question. how do u create char. stats for rp. ive beenserching around but i cant find it…

I couldn’t help noticiing that you’re also stuck at the corner of nothing and nowhere. How long have you been here (in Springfield? I’ve been here about a year.

Hello, Shin! I’m Lady Angel! :yipee: I was a newcomer not too long ago…think I still am, actually…

Anyway, I welcome you to RPGClassics! There are a few things I should let you know. One, I can get pretty emotional, so don’t be surprised. Two, I’ve found that getting on your bad side here REALLY doesn’t help!

And Zhou, your humor is so cute! I’ve never seen you like this! (Then again…haven’t bee 'round here for long…can’t say much, myself…) :thud:

Greetings and Salutations Shin_Kyuji!

May your stay be long and prosperous

/me rips your face off and eats it!


Don’t worry, Shin, Charlmange is really a nice guy. He’s just…hyper sometimes. He welcomes you, you know that? So…yeah…a little over the top, but he’s really a sweet guy! :hyperven:

Welcome to the graveyard.

Please, just do us all a favor. Don’t post a whole bunch of messages about how sucky life is, thus increasing your post count and decreasing the number of people who like you. Otherwise, have fun.

…can you feel the evil pulsating from me? I hope so.

thanks angel

Originally posted by † Lady ¤ Angel †
Don’t worry, Shin, Charlmange is really a nice guy. He’s just…hyper sometimes. He welcomes you, you know that? So…yeah…a little over the top, but he’s really a sweet guy! :hyperven:
You’ve known me for 6 days, you don’t even know me, you don’t know what I’m capable of! The only reason I’m nice to you is because you’re female, and I want to get into your panties!

Originally posted by Shin_Kyuji
be nice… or ill let my berzerk side out…>>;;

I’m shaking.

Welcome to hell.

Ew…Charlemagne…please let that be the end of your speech! :eek:

Your welcome, Shin! Welcome again! And, er…forget what I said about Charlemagne…a little.

I see some of you are still mocking me about my emotional spasm a while back. GET OVER IT!!!

As for what Dragon Tear said, it is a little like hell, I suppose…which would explain why it takes me a while to fit in!!..Sorry…sticking with my whole ‘angelic’ side…:cool: