New to the Forum/FanFic Submission?

Hi, I’m No One, also known as TLo. An author friend of mine, GG Crono 4, told me to submit to the awesome power that is RPGC a moment ago.

And submit I did.

I’ve been writing fiction for some time now, and I have posted some of these fics to However, hates me and my fiction as well as most of its other authors.

In response, I’m trying to find an alternate home for my yet-to-be-finished 130,000 words and counting FFX fic, Akin to Sin. GG Crono pointed me in the direction of this site after much whining on my part.

I would like to submit Akin to Sin to RPGC in hopes that it can have a safer, more reliable home (with friendlier staff…). I dare not email the current Akin to Sin master .doc or .html file in fear of being stoned to death by rabid IT professionals sitting atop email servers.

I read in the requirements that I may post or email a link to my fiction on to be scrutinized by the top-notch staff here.

You may view Akin to Sin here.

Thanks for your time and attention

~No One

I’ve only read the first two chapters so far, but it looks good. You might want to watch out with repetitions here and there, you tend to repeat the same word a couple of times close to each other, like:

Wakka smiled and reflected on how well Yuna was taking Tidus’ absence, or, how well she hid her feelings about his absence. It was only a year after Yuna and her guardians had defeated Sin and Yu Yevon. A new era had been born in Spira; an era without the threat of Sin, and an era without, at least to Wakka and his friends, Yevon.
(I’m not marking era because that works like a chant here, which I’m guessing was your intent)

I’m also a bit worried about the “man from America falling into Spira” setting, but what I’ve read is well-written so I will not judge the plot before I’ve come further. :slight_smile:

Don’t let the setting fool you, Weiila. As rare as it is, this concept CAN be well done, and no one has done it like…well…NoOne. ^^;

chuckles Alrighties then :slight_smile: I’ll keep reading in any case.

Yes, I myself was extremely worried about the whole “modern soldier falls to Spira” concept, but it seems to work in some odd way, or at least I’m told.

And, not to make excuses, but those first few chapters are not-quite two years old. The first chapter you read was a re-written version of the old, old one. Once I finish this thing, I’m going to rewrite Chapters 2 through 10 to update the styling.

Halfway through the fic, I switch perspectives with a couple of characters ^^;;; Not wise, but it worked better for me at the time, anyway.

Thanks for the comments, though! :slight_smile: Any problems you see, mark em ^^ I need all the editing help I can get.

~No One

Congratulations. You have successfully avoided the INTOLERANT, UNSTOPPABLE, UNREMORESFUL KILLING RAGE I feel when I see this plot device. It’s well written and everything. ^^ I’ve got through the first few chapters so far, will read the rest later.

Ooo, an

Mind if I join in?

Salve! Welcome and hello!

Looks like you’ll fit in just fine here. I only <strike>looked</strike> glanced at the story briefly so far, but it <strike>looks</strike> seems good, except what Weiila already said about the repetitiveness.

So far, I’ve only read the first two chapters. But looks like a pretty good start to a fic. I just hope the rest of it keeps the same sort of quality.

Grah, grah, grah :stuck_out_tongue: I overlooked this one in the last update. I’m really sorry. It’s going up in this next one though. :slight_smile:

So it’s not a total piece of poo, then? :slight_smile:

Definitely not, pal :slight_smile:

Welcome, NoOne (?) I haven’t seen your story yet, I don’t have much time to read (or write) fics these days (BOO-HOO!!) but I hope to someday. I CAN tell you this, if you’re looking for a place to post your stuff with people who give you a fair chance, both to post and to give you their honest opinions, THIS is it. (Certainly, a LOT better than, from what I hear!) We’re friendly, too! I hope you find your niche here, I certainly did. : )