New Super Robot Wars OG anime

Oshi-! is that Cobray in the upper left?

Well, there’s the Astranagant, so maybe not…

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Dis Astranagant vs Astranagant! I can’t fucking wait.




Oh lord, now I need to try and kill motherfucking Tempest again.

Episode one has been subbed by Spirits of Steel & DigitalPanic, both did their own releases of the OVA. Currently in h264 so might be audio/video may be out of sync if your computer is lacking.

fun. Now I just need to find a way to get the subs…

Leave it up to me deathstryke :wink:

/me kicks his internet machine a few times till it stamps out a half dozen or so internets and awards them to NB[SoS-dp]SRWOG_-_Divine_Wars_01[h264][8BD67B7D].mkv.torrent[SoS-dp]SRWOG_-_Divine_Wars_01[h264][8BD67B7D].mkv

Fuck torrents.

Numba 2

Episode 6 = :mwahaha:

Granzon in action. MUST SEE THIS.