New Song! WTF is Old School? (G.H.O.D Tetris ReMix) Techno! Chips! Germans!

You know the drill.





Cream your jeans.


And I smile.

Like so. :slight_smile:

This is me smiling :slight_smile:

No SERIOUSLY! :slight_smile:

THIS IS ME SMILING! :slight_smile:

So please tell me what cha’ll think

or the banana will be treated roughly

Great job, Kagato. Rarely do I like techno stuff but I love Tetris so, yeah… it’s good.

here’s me smiling because of its goodness.:slight_smile:

Music = media. Enough of it on the main board. This goes on the media board. If your updates are frequent and consistent, ask Weiila to sticky the thread.

Well yeah, I like techno versions of Tetris songs.

But what I really want to tell you is that I FINALLY found the title of this NES game I wanted to suggest you months ago. :stuck_out_tongue: You must play Milon’s Secret Castle whenever you’ll have time, like next fall. It’s incredibly hard and it’ll grant you countless hours of frustration if you try to play it without savestates. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love your stuff Kagato… I have each of the songs downloaded because I like them so much…

That sounds great. I love playing tetries.

Such…wonderful…sniff sniff…KOMMENTZ!!! breaks down crying

Thanks youse guises!

Yeah, I remember Milon’s Secret Castle. I’ll include it in the fall’s ROM Review “Behind the NES ROMs…that suck”. :stuck_out_tongue: