New Site!

Check This Out! (I made it)


I will join right now! :smiley: This is so cool!

I’m sorry to say this but I think most people here won’t really care. You’ve only have 12 posts… so you don’t come here often… we don’t know you… so really you have to ask yourself before posting “Does anyone care?”


You arent very nice, dominic

I know… I was born a prick and I’ll die a prick ;_;

On the other hand you Charle are possessed of a loveliness not even the most divine being of them all could match with your lovely demeanour you!


Point proven :stuck_out_tongue:

On the other hand… SPAM!

Kei wins, and awaits the closing.

Gimme a kiss, dominic!

Col. Sanders cares not about manners! He cares only of chicken!

You coded the forums, then?

Aaaallllririiiiigghhhttt! Plucks your eyes out of your head HAR HAR HAR