New Shin Megami Tensei Game!

God, I hope it gets released here. I love Nocturne and DDS.

You and your sexy SMT games.

Ever since I played Persona 2 I have been a fanof the Megaten series and Nocturne tops that list right now,but from the screens I saw,if that ever comes to the states it looks like it could be better than Nocturne.

Looks really cool…plus it’s a SMT game.

On a related note, since the internet sucks, anyone know wether the EU release of SMT: Nocturne (which has been renamed SMT: Lucifer’s Call) has any differences in it from the NA version? If there’s stuff, please be a bit vague about it and don’t point out specifics <_<

Nope, I think it’s the same as the NA version. Get it!

Okay, time to transform into orgasmatron.

It appears the main character is a train conductor.

Nah, he’s a detective.

I’m still trying to snag a copy of Nocturne on eBay :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, how is DDS?

DDS is pretty cool. I like the story. It’s set in this futuristic world called Junkyard, and it has alot of Hindu Mythology in it. That, and the characters turn into Hindu gods and are supposed to eat each other.

One of the character’s demon form, doesn’t have a mouth on her face, but her breasts have a mouth each. She talks using those.

The battle system is just like Nocturne, although the party isn’t as customizable. You no longer recruit demons, you buy Skills for you characters and the system is similar to FFx’s Sphere Grid.

Music…let’s just say I was glad that the deluxe set came with the soundtrack.