New releases thread

Since it is that season when a dozen or so good games come every week, I figured that we should have a thread set up so we don’t end up making a new thread for every new game.

<B>North American releases for the week of 14 November, 2005</B>

• Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 (XB)
• Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
• Half-Life 2 (PC)
• Mario Kart DS (NDS)
• Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS2, XB, GCN, GBA, PSP, NDS, 360)
• Pac-Man World 3 (PS2, XB, GCN)
• Shadow the Hedgehog (PS2, XB, GCN)
• Sonic Rush (NDS)
• Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland (PS2, XB, GCN, GBA, PSP, NDS, 360)
• True Crime: NYC (PS2, XB, GCN)
• Wild ARMs: Alter Code F (PS2)
• WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 (PS2)

I’m only after a couple of these (DQ8, MK:DS, Pac-Man World 3, and Wild ARMs), but I figure we shouldn’t kick out any games from this thread just because I don’t like them.

<I>Dragon Quest VIII</I>
So far, it’s pretty damn good. I’m upset that it doesn’t support progressive scan, but the sound makes up for it. They’ve replaced the japanese midi soundtrack with a fully orchestrated version of the same soundtrack.

<I>Mario Kart DS</I>
It controls very well, but I only got to play one track. The WiFi features really impress me, and the gfx aren’t half-bad for the DS.

Sat, FYI: All but DDR, DQ8, Sonic Rush, are expected here soon in the UK or is already out.

A playable demo of FFXII is included.

Now DQVIII is definitely on my Christmas wish list :wink:

So sad.

I heard Wild ARMs: Alter Code F is delayed until December something…

How does community work in MK:DS? Is there some sort of friends list?

Smackdown vs Raw 2006 is so horribly boring.

(Also, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland came out four weeks ago, October 18.)

I believe Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga DS comes out at the end of the month.

I read it is just has Battles and walking… No cutscenes or in town stuff a realy a teaser of what is to come… I hope it is a teaser not 2 “Chapters”

Magna Carta did also come out this week,if anybody got’s it care to share your opinions here? I plan on getting it.

You should boycott the game like I am, since the commercial BLATENTLY LIES. It says it’s “the first skating game without loading screens”, yeah, well, I’ve been playing Skate or Die for like… 16 years, and I’ve yet to come across a single loading screen.

I dunno, the grounds that “It sucks” and “There is no challenge at all even on the highest difficulty” and “Glitchy as hell” are good enough reasons not to get it.

Also about the no loading screens:

  1. It only applies to Story Mode. In any other mode (Classic, 2-player, Free Skate, High Score, Online) you have loading screens to deal with.
  2. Even in Story Mode, there are loading “tunnels”, basically, halls you skate through while the game loads the next area. If you go too fast through one, one of two things happens:
    a) you have to wait for the area to finish loading before the game lets you exit the tunnel, or
    b) the tunnel just doesn’t let you through and you have to quit and reload your game to get out.
  3. The lack of loading screens makes going from point A to point B, if they’re in different levels, a lot longer, since you have to skate through a level till you find a tunnel, go through it, and repeat until you get to where you want. It was so much easier to pick the level off a menu.
  4. Once, the game froze on the loading screen as soon as I turned it on. It didn’t even make it to the title screen. That doesn’t really fit in this list, I just thought I’d add it.

My mistake. It came out this week for portables and for 360.

As for the FFXII demo, as mentioned in another thread, after playing it (and experiencing the horror that was X-2), I think I’m done with the Final Fantasy series. Unless they about-face and decide that I’m even the slightest bit in their target audience, then I’m done with it. I’ll stick with Dragon Quest, thanks, because DQ8 is exactly what I want in an RPG.

Also, Wild ARMs: Alter Code F is out, and I’ve got it. Haven’t played it yet. <A HREF=“”>link</A> | <A HREF=“”>link</A>