New quote thread

Keep it decent, please…

Curse those fanboys

  • Booken cast Revive on the chat. </deadchatjoke>
    < Vorpy> casts
    < Booken> …
    < Booken> Vorpy, please hold this black sphere
    < Vorpy> k
  • Booken runs far, far away
  • Vorpy follows
    < Booken> Meep!
  • Booken warps away!
  • Vorpy warps after Booken
  • Booken cast Black Hole on the black sphere
    < Booken> …
  • Booken warps away before the black hole activates
  • Vorpy follows
  • Booken … is pulled toward the black hole. Insta-gibbed.

<img src=“”> The quote thread got scrapped for a reason. Submit your quotes to SG, Flint or CH.