NEW QUESTION: Wiki rating system: Possible?

See topic. I’ve read some websites but they all assume I know what I’m doing, which I don’t. Is there any place I can read the basics and stuff of getting a site and wiki up and running?


If you’ve ever visited SomethingAwful you’ll have seen their rating system. What I want to know is would something like that be possible on a wiki? From what I can see it’s just collating the score of all votes and then dividing and putting the number somewhere on the page. Anybody have any idea how this might be done?


This looks ideal. The thing is I’ll be using it on a wikipedia, so a) it has to show up on every page and b) the results cannot be editable. I don’t know how I would go about doing this.

What do you plan to host it on?

Not here if that’s the question you’re asking. It would be on a domain I’d register for the sole purpose of setting up a wiki.

You’ll buy space then? It’ll have to support PHP and MySQL.

Yeah, I saw that mentioned as prerequisites on mediawiki’s page. Will I have to pay for this myself and install it onto a site or do some domain hosters throw this in with the domain?