New PS3 functionality released

Suck it, DS.

If they make that work, and that is a huge if, it would most likely be seen in something like the PS4, 5 or so.

He’s being sarcastic.

Cool…as long as we don’t feel pain too that is. XD

If this is real, and if it happens, I wouldn’t buy a PS3. I don’t want shit fucking with my brain waves - that’s just not cool.

That’d be a hell of a boost for the sensory deprived, but as for playstations… there’s going to be a lot of drooling, lobotomised teenagers out there…

…who’d want one. :wink:

No. NOt gOOd.

I think it’d be fun. But it’s not Nintendo, therefore it must suck.

…Holy shit.
Think of a horror game with that :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, don’t think about horror games with that technology… when you’re talking about that technology, it’s time to take a second look at HENTAI games… >_>

Joking aside, sounds like a ridiculous idea. Great job, there, Sony. Great job.

Go play Internal Section with that shit.

What? Aren’t you the same guy who openly admits to taking drugs and alcohol?

They’ve only gotten permission to begin researching and developping the technology. They’ve never tested, developped a prototype or anything. And if it’s something that’s going to be fucking around with the human brain, you know they’re going to have to do extensive extensive tests to make it marketable. We’re looking at maybe 2010 earliest, probably later.

It didn’t say they had permission, it said they had a patent.

bah, 1 AM post. Give me a break. It still stands, they actually haven’t made the technology yet.

Suddenly DoA: Xtreme Beach Volleyball sounds a lot more fun. o.o

No it doesn’t.

It looks like I’m gonna be the first to say it: the Matrix has us!

…hell, if they can perfect that, I’d get one. :smiley:

The first game that uses that ought to be a Matrix game. That, or a TRON game. ^^

Oh, and Tril, I wanna snuggle that girl in your sig. n.n