New PS2 Controller

So I got the “Ken” version of this today and I have mixed feelings on it…

First and foremost, the packaging is worth putting on a wall, its just fucking beautiful.

Secondly, the controller comes with a comic book (which is actually two episodes from the official Udon Street Fighter comic series in one) that just HAPPENED to have the ONE issue I was missing in it… That made me very happy.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the controller would be great if it werent for the shitty D-Pad.

I can’t understand it and I really think that it is MY controller. But UP is just too damn sensitive. I cannot for the life of me do a shoryuken with this hunk of shit. I love this controller very much badly and wish so very much that it worked better. But sadly, they did not make a “perfect” fighting game controller.

Reasons for buying- It has ken on it, it would be ALOT easier to travel with instead of my hulking arcade stick that I normally use, it has ken on it, I needed a new ps2 controller anyway.

Heres some pics of the very ultra pretty box:

Hulking arcade stick > ANY controller on the market.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for marketing, slap ken, akuma, or cammy on it and theres a 99% chance that I will own it as soon as I can afford it.

Problem is, my hulking arcade stick just happens to be a shitty Pelican stick… I hope to save up about 150 and buy a real one hand made by someone who knows what they are doing.

That looks like the old Sega Saturn contollers. Just with, you know, PS2 button markings and Ken on it. And slightly different shoulder buttons, but it’s still very close. Damn companies ripping off Sega controllers… First XBox and now Street Fighter PS2… grumblegrumblegrumble…

I had the exact same reaction: It looks like a Sega controller. I don’t think I’d like having L1 and R1 at different places…

If that isn’t a Sega controller reminder…I dunno what is. However, controllers have just gotten beyond themselves in the past few years with all this new fangled shit. God bless the days when there was just an A and B button…like old school NES.

See, it’s for these reasons I don’t believe you when you say you have a girl friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s wearing clothes, so I’m not too interested. =\


Just because one is a faithful gamer doesn’t mean he or she does not have a significant other. There’s more to one than what they think was the golden age of games. Besides…the uniform helps.

looks at decrepit Genesis and sighs

You have a pelican? Damn, poor you…I’ll probably get one eventually, but right now, I have other games to buy.

Has anyone seen that crazy device that has like, 70 THOUSAND really old and repetitive games on it (looking like from the Atari and possibly NES era), that looks EXACTLY like an N64 controller with A/V cords sticking out of it?

…That’s what this reminds me of for some reason.

Come on, quite bullshiting them. You know that the uniform does nothing.

I get a catalogue from Hard To Find Records (selles rare records, and the place is hidden in a back ally in Manchester somewhere) and for reason it sells that. :smiley:

That gouki one looks so fucking sweet, but i HATED playing SF2 on the genesis, because of the genesis controller’s crappy ergonomics. This thing looks like it would have the same problem, so i’ll stick to my current stick. (lolz).

God damn it…why ya gotta ruin such optimism?

Even without the D-Pad, that looks awkward for a PS2 controller. I also had the reaction that it looks like a Saturn controller. Looks nice, though. :slight_smile:

aside from the sensitivity problems of the dpad, the controller is surprisingly comfortable to hold.