New Project


Nothing incredible, I know, but it’ll do for now. The important thing to take note of is V GUNDAM! A fun little game that’s based on the V Gundam anime series.

Anyone who has played is sure to tell you that it sucks, and for the most part it does, but that’s not the point! It Gundam, I’m coo-coo for Gundam, and you should be too! Nah, seriously, the games a semi-fun way to kill a couple hours beating it, and it really needs a translation, imo.

Suggestions, comments, and such are always welcome as long as its not a request of some kind unless I’m asking for requests. :slight_smile:

IMHO the game itself isn’t good, but every Gundam fan will love it :wink: which isn’t my case xD, I’ve never seen it, and I’m not too interested on it either… but before you’ll try to kill me I’ll say every new translation is good ;P.

I’ll agree with you that its a terrible game, but its a damn easy hack. If nobody ever comes forward to translate it, I at least won’t have lost TOO much time dealing with it.

I’ve got a few other games I think I might take a look at (Madara included :P), so who knows what I’m gonna crap out next. :stuck_out_tongue: