New Professor Layton!

I noticed that the new game, The Diabolical Box, was released last week. I’m going to buy it in the next day or so, and I’m really psyched about it. Anyone else like these puzzle games?

I like puzzle games but I did not like the first Layton game. My GF does though and I got it for her. She loves it, so you’ll probably like it too.

I’m enjoying the first game as well; and finding out I’m not as good at puzzles as I thought I was.

Not out here till September. ;_;

I’m about halfway through Prof. Layton 2 and I like it as much as the first one. :smiley: They added a few new features, such as the tea set and the fat hamster. Sometimes, when talking to people in towns, they will ask you to brew a specific type of tea for them and will give you information about whatever you’re looking for in exchange. As for the hamster, you have to make it lose weight by setting up some sort of obstacle course and forcing it to navigate through it. I haven’t figured out yet if there’s an actual point to this or not. >.>