New Poll for Next NES Classic Series Games

We’ll find out when they’re done polling.

They should be polling SNES Games too. I want SoM on GBA! ToT

I voted for Chip and Dales! :smiley:

First off, GG. Not GC. >>;

Second, I know that Mother 2 is EarthBound. I said Mother 1+2, which is the GBA rerelease of EB and EB0 on one cart, which is out in Japan. And if Nintendo cares the least bit about its fans, it WILL be translated and ported.

Poopie! they’ve finnished.

I want FF 1-6 on GBA. (I do realise that Sabin Blitzes need 6 buttons but every thing else could be shoe horned easly to the GBA.) And possible Romanicing Saga 3 with a few modifcations (like summon Piano! or use BFG’s). SoM and SD3 (SoM2) would go down like a storm.

Big Nutter
Whats more Annoying than signing FF7’s ‘RoboVoice’ to your phone is to your GBA.

SEI silently announced FF1+2 for GBA in Japan, and SEU has intimated a US release. Besides, they love Final Fantasy at SEU, they’d die to release anything with that title, whether its related to the series or not. DW is what we really need to be worried about. DQ5 is already out in Japan with no word of SEU even considering a US release. DQ8 is on the way, and SEU has said nothing at all.

And if someone needs shots of DQ4 for PS1, I’ll make some screenies. I’ve got the game.

And SEE (EU) is so quiet, I think that SEI + SEJ + SEU tell me about what stuff is happening, then SEE tell me about Uk release after the US release.

They gave me a week warning before release the UK FFX-2. I had counted on a month to complete the FFX.

only if i could conveince a certain uk game company to do an RPG…

I think the main reason they are’nt saying much about a US release of DQ8 is because of how badly 7 bombed. Granted it has a bit more graphics whore appeal than 7, but I for one know that I am not likely to have 100+ hours to dump in to massive training runs (assuming that the pacing is similar to 7).

It didn’t bomb. It sold well, according to Enix’s pre-release estimations.

If Square Enix wants to know something about bombs, then they should just continue to check their mail after they tell me for sure that DQ5 and 8 aren’t coming out over here.

Personally I’m a little disappointed that they include games that don’t have much value in them. So I’d rather vote for games with a decent amount of value like Final Fantasy. Though admittedly the only way I’m goin to play these GBA remakes is by means of ROMs.