new poem

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the inspiration to write a poem, but as I’ve been sitting here… I found it. Here’s my newest work. I hope you enjoy it.


a shattering force of unstoppable pain
like an apocalyptic, fiery rain
easily destroying my guiding light
taking me, forever, out of the fight
unable to defend myself from this death
I lie back and pray for one final breath
riding on the wings of a pure seraphim
filling my soul with a life-saving hymn
this savior of mine, does have a name
with beauty and presence no one can tame
with a simple smile and a glint in your eye
all of my worries wither away and die
akin to lightning when it strikes land
I feel a jolt when you take hold of my hand
to touch, to sense, to feel your soul
lends me great strength and makes me feel whole
through all the chaos and happenings of life
you bring me a calm to end my inner strife
as surely as clouds travel the cerulean sky
I hope you watch with me till the day that I die


Bleh, you just have to shove the fact that you have a gorgeous girlfriend in our faces, don’t you?

That thought didn’t cross my mind until you brought it up. But if it makes you feel any better, I found your reply quite humorous and it kept me laughing for at least… ohhh… 25 seconds or so :cool:

and seeing as how it’s 516 in the freakin morning, that’s a pretty amazing feat. tips his hat to Charlemagne

That’s beautiful, man.

Nice, it has a good flow and and I haven’t seen many rhyming poems in a while :slight_smile:

Possibly because most people think that ryhming poems sound corny, I know I do. But yours was pretty good, tgd.