New place

I just can’t decide!

1st option. Can you give me the phone number of that agency?

Duh, Doom Island, of course. Just watch out for Gades’s room, it’s a mess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess they go around after various heroes selling the villains’ old homes?

Deep Dungeon due to the probably unintentional reference to the old Squaresoft Famicom Disc System game of the same name.

I’d go with the Tower. I think it just is more awe-inspiring than the other two options.

Uber-Floating Island! Mix the best of Sonic and a little bit of Zeal and the huge beam attacks from Guardian Heroes.

tower = clearly the best

I like the flying base the best, BUT I voted for the Tower. Why? Flying bases have a tendency to be knocked down from the sky (see Sky High); underground dungeons are cool EXCEPT they’re hard to escape from when YOU want to run. So, The Tower it is.

I don’t see how a tower would be any easier to escape than a floating forteress, unless you got some kind of airship. Airship still applies to the forteress.

floating fortress all the way.

I just can’t believe I forgot the orbital space station with a planet-buster super-laser!

Oh well! Floating forteress it is!