New Phoenix Wright spinoff, starring Edgeworth!

Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor?

It stars Edgeworth and Gumshoe, and what appears to be an overhaul of the entire system. It now features actual walking about while searching crime scenes for clues. I haven’t seen anything looking like a Court Battle yet, but hopefully the game won’t just be investigating crime scenes, and we’ll actually get to play from the Prosecution’s side for once.

This looks really really neat. Here’s hoping it turns out well.

I wonder if it’ll take place in the Apollo Justice timeframe or before it…

It doesn’t sound like anyone can decide on what the actual name of the game is. I’ve also heard the game translated as “Turnabout Prosecutor” which I guess would make more sense, since the name of Ace Attorney in japanese is “Turnabout Courtroom”.

Also, I would guess that it takes place before the Apollo Justice timeline because I’m pretty sure Gumshoe has quit working as a detective by the time of Apollo Justice…plus, Edgeworth is drawn the same way he is from the Phoenix Wright timeline.

Oh <i>hell yes!</i>

I don’t think it ever actually says that Gumshoe quit working, unless my memory’s failed me. It’s possible he just never meets up with Apollo. As for being drawn the same way, not sure that’s a proof or not. You’re probably right, though.

I’d guess it takes place before the first game, possibly having something to do with the cases that started the rumors about Edgeworth forging evidence.

That would make sense.

Well Turnabout Prosecutor might be the Japanese title, but Perfect Prosecutor might be the best bet on the english title, considering the similar alliteration with Ace Attorney.

As for timeline, who knows? It stars freaking Edgeworth and freaking Gumshoe, that’s good enough for me.

Perfect sounds too flauncy and wimpy, even for Edgeworth. I’m sure there’s another word starting with P which would fit better. 8p

Prefect Prosecutor?

Well he WAS taught by Von Karma, and you know how they all obsess over ‘perfection’. Even though he denounces that by the end of Trials and Tribulations, it’s an interesting throwback, I think.

But maybe they’ll come up with something else, who knows? Since it involves walking they could call it Prancing Prosecutor for all we know. The game still looks promising.

Yeah, maybe something else that begins with PR, to increase the level of alliteration …

Professional Prosecutor? Prophetic Prosecutor?

Or even take it further! Prosthetic Prosecutor! Prostelytizing Prosecutor!

Prorated? Propagating?

Pretty Prosecutor.

I like Edgeworth a lot more than Justice. I look forward to this.

Precocious? Precarious? Power? Pwnage? Peacemeal? Primal?

Power Prosecutor might work… then again…

Wee Alliteration

I wonder if this will discuss what happened to Edgeworth during the seven years before Apollo Justice, as his absence was fairly conspicuous.

Go! Go! Power Prosecutor!

Also Preferred Prosecutor, Predetermined Prosecutor, Predisposed Prosecutor, Prehistoric Prosecutor, Prewashed Prosecutor, Preassembled Prosecutor, Preteen Prosecutor, and the list goes on.

Or perhaps we go from the other half of Perfect and perhaps even ending with ive like Defective Prosecutor, Non-effective Prosecutor, Supereffective Prosecutor, Ineffective Prosecutor, and again the list goes on and on.