new person

Hi, I’m Lazzie. I’ve been using the RPGC guides for at least four years or so, but I’ve never signed up on the message boards. I’m a college student and I’m really into RPGs, especially strategy RPGs. I’m also staff member on one of y’alls affiliate sites,, where I act like an opinionated jerkbutt and occasionally make a newspost.

I’m thinking of starting a shrine here, so I hope I continue to like what I see. Good to be here!

Hey, welcome!

Greetings Lazzie here is your welcome dance.

Hello, welcome, enjoy your stay.


Check the public profile.

Oh, and Cless, I sent you an email regarding a shrine (at least I thought it was you, it was to whomever the link on the join page was directed), so reply whenever you get the chance, arright? Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

Yes, you are a bowling ball dreaming you’re a plate of sashimi.

Welcome around! You won’t see me so much, because I post so little. :confused: Meh. When I post, it’s worthless anyway. Nice ta meetcha.

Hello. Don’t judge people based on their responses here.

Or, do. Whatever.

Decent spelling and grammar + apparently intelligent + into RPGs + interested in shrining = KEEPER!

Welcome to RPGC. Hope you decide to stick around.

What’s with all the new users lately?

And hi.

they travel in herds.

welcome, and all the other greeting stuff.

It grows in bunches… I’ve got my hunches… it’s the BEST! BEATS THE REST!!!

Welcome and stuff. Emphasis on the stuff.

Hello, you’re sure to have a fine time here. Sounds like you’ll fit right in.