New non-RTS strategy games

I’ve been looking around online for a new turn-based strategy game or something and everything is either an RTS or a card game. What gives? Do they even make TBS’s anymore? Do any of you like regular strategy games as much as I do?

There’s always Disgaea, La Pucelle, Phantom Brave and Growlanser Generations.

And Hoshigami. Hard, but seriously awesome.

I should have also mentioned PC games…I saw someone play Disagea and that game looks really tight. Like an improved FFT or something. Never heard of the others, though.

La Pucelle and Phantom Brave are made by the same people as Disgaea, so if you like one you’ll probably like them all. Growlanser Generations is a collection of two games in the Growlanser games. They were released in Japan, but were never brought here. That reminds me of Arc the Lad Collection. It was also released in Japan and brought here. Arc the Lad is the perfect example of a turned based strategy game. I liked it a lot and I think Val did too.

Aren’t those all PS2 games though…

Arc the Lad Collection is for PS1.

You want PC games right…? Gah… don’t know any for PC.

What do you not have a PS2 or something? In that case, I’d go with Tactics Ogre for the GBA, or the Vandal Hearts series…even though I really haven’t played it at all.

Hmmm. Have you played Civilization? If so, have you played Alpha Centauri yet? It was made by teh same guy in the same spirit. Also, similar but made by someone else is Galactic Civilizations, I saw the special edition with both GC and the expansion at EB today.

Now, I would also suggest the first 2 X-Com games (moreso the first, and the second one if you want a rehash that is very hard), but if you’ve already played those, see the similar Jagged Alliance and Silent Storm games. I’m hoping the expansion to Silent Storm comes to America…

Don’t bother with Master of Orion 3. Play the first 2 instead if you want some MOO action. If you’ve already played the first two and still crave MOO, play them again, 3 is such a dissappointment.

Advance Wars!

Not new, but there are PC versions(and english language patches) for Langrisser 1-3. I can’t say where to get them, though. Gizoogle that shits!!!

X-Com!!! it’s old it doesn’t look all that flashy but it rocks… Especially ‘terror from the deep’ because it can get insanely difficult

Allow me to restate once again; if you like X-Com and want more after the first 2, check out Jagged Alliance and Silent Storm (they should be releasing the gold edition of SS in America sometime soon, has the expansion that wasn’t brought to America)

Vandal Hearts was a curious game: it looked BAD (the sprites were too small, in my opinion, and the character designs were- odd. Even the women had ugly noses. WTF?) and it lacked all the colorful features of games like FF Tactics. Yet, for some reason, I found it enjoyable… and hard! So much so, I had to hunt down the guide to pass the hard parts. But I ended up liking it. So if you find a copy, give it a try. It should be cheap. (Oh, and with the internet, you can get help if you need it without having to find the guide.)

There was also a VH II, but I never got to play it.

I second Advance Wars. I would say it’s probably still the GBA’s best game.

I think Fire emblem is.

You think wrong.

X-COM: UFO Defense is the best strategy game ever made, in my opinion.

Would you say it’s better than the second one? Mind you, I haven’t played the first one, and I’m just learning how to play the second.