And almost anyone can play it ^^

HYOOOOJ download, though =o helps segment it and have it send faster =)

Connection Failure when I try to register. Bummer, looks pretty cool.

It’s not, it’s only marginally better then that crappy BioFear game Steve showed us a while ago. I uninstalled it after 10 minutes.

Epic sucks =(

I call them as I see them.

Damnit Steve.

This just enforces the fact that theres no great MMORPG that costs nothing to play online.

Forget about crappy CO and play some evoRO with me. :enguard:

Whats this about a private server? :DD pm plz <3

Buh, you’ve never played an MMO til you’ve played CO!

My opinion below is rather angstful. Dont take offense, if you will, dont read any further.
I say the King of all MMORPGs is still EQ, none have yet to tap into the depth that EQ offered as a virtual world to live in. Final Fantasy XI is awesome, but doesnt draw you in as much as EQ did. The only thing I see soon, is World of Warcraft or EQ2. EQ2 worries me though, as it seems to be much more limited in the depth of the world like the mammoth creature EQ has become.

For the most part, I’ve hated all free MMORPGs INCLUDING Ragnarok Online with those free servers that are floating around.

Hmm… What is so great about EQ? I’ve never played EQ before so I honestly don’t know what it is like.

Before I say anything more, its best described as LSD, its not for everyone, but neither is it meant to be.

SO, EQ offers a MASSIVE world (largest STILL in MMORPG history, from what I’ve seen) that is fleshed out with tons upon tons of quests that would take a gigantic chunk of your life to complete all of which. The NPCs are fully interactive, as you can attack them, run past them for help if a monster is chasing you into a town. As well, there is alignment, which plays a significant part of the game. Whereas you create a Dark Elf Necromancer of Solosek Ro (sp?). Then you try to travel to Kelethin (city of the wood elves and happy woodland wonders), oh noes! You just got your shit kicked into your throat! Good + Bad = lots of conflict. This, however can change as you do deeds, fight enemies of evil/good alignments, and other various tasks to be acomplished. Killing Orcs in Kelethin will make the Darkelves and other evil races dislike you more, however, alot of good cultures will start to tolerate you (if not at least refrain from killing you when you walk near).

All of this involves long hard work though. EQ has been designed to keep people into the game for long long periods of time. There are nearly and endless selection of cool items and weapons to obtain and NOTHING is without meaning. You may think a random leaf you find is useless, but there’s a crafter somewhere in the world who is collecting them for some potion. (thats just an example, I dont know of any potions made with leaves… lol)

The dated graphics are enough to make most people avoid the game, but they have since, changed quite alot. Improovements have made this game come A LONG ASS way from the ugly game it once was in the mid-late 90s.

I recommend trying it out. At the very least, you loose 30 dollars to the best MMORPG available. If you go to gamestop (maybe EB too) you can get Everquest Platinum Edition for $29.99 and it includes ALL the expansions up to now. Its a fucking great deal in my opinion, as I payed nearly $150 to get all the expansions when I started playing.

Hurray for EQ. I know alot of people like it, but many of them probably havent really played and analyzed it. This also points back to the first statement of, its not for everyone, nor should it be. Some people have even gone so far as to say “Unng, everquest is too complicated for me…”, I say get smarter, its NOT complicated. So, that being said, try it out if you are ready to loose your life into an addictive experience that you’ll most likely LOVE.

I dislike Everquest because it’s designed for people without a life.

Hmm, I’m not sure about that, I’d say a more accurate description is it’s designed to be the most immersive game online… And people who play it, refuse to do anything ELSE with thier lives. Don’t blame the game, blame the people without stronger willpower.