New Mexico

My husband just got a great new job, but it is a little over an hour away from here in New Mexico. To make a long story short he took the job and we are moving in three months. Lucky for me the internet is all over! At least I won’t live in George W. Bush’s home town anymore.

lower your shields and prepare to be boarded

To quote a famous man.

There’s a ‘New’ Mexico now?

Yeah. The old is full of Mexicans.

They should have called it “Mexico Junior” instead.

Es el nuevo mexico, gringo!

Yeah, New York should just “York Junior”, and following suit, “York Junior City.” Also, let’s not forget about New Jersey, or should I say “Jersey Junior.”

You forgot “Hampshire Junior.”

No, no, no. “New Jersey” is “Pennsylvania’s Beach”. Obviously.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new home, SpazCat. I don’t think my family would have bothered to move for a one hour commute, but we’ve got lots of roots here, so whatever. Will you show us pictures of your new house?

Well, the deal is that he HAS to live in Hobbs, because the surrounding area is where he will be driving to. And it is more like an hour and a half if you obey traffic laws, which I don’t. As for pictures of my new house, it will probably be an apartment, but sure, if you want I sure will. But we won’t move for at least three months, he has to train here first, assuming he passes the background check and physical required for the job.

Have a cookie?

SG is a mexican.