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Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what I need to post here, but my friend GG Crono 4 told me to make an intro thread, so here’s a little about me:

Name: Michael (or Mike, whatever, anything but Sue works)

DOB: Sept 11, 1986

Location: Cheshire, CT, USA

Favorite RPG: Zelda…ok, not TECHNICALLY RPG, but way beyond anything else in my mind. (I am the Zelda fan…ask GG if you don’t believe me.)

Favorite Sports: Karate, Skiing (team sport: baseball)

Favorite Number: 11

Favorite Color: Platinum

My “Story”: I live life like I’m 20. I started college at 14, I hang out with mostly older friends, my GF’s older…you get the idea.

Contacts: E-Mail: Cell phone: you think I’m that dumb? If I get to know you, I will.

There’s too many mikes here. Your name is now Tim. Timmy Johnson.

Oh. My. Gawd. CHANDLER BIIING! deep throated nasal laugh

Welcome to RPGC Timmy. Zelda is an awesome game, and I too enjoy the number 11. Let us be chums!

No, his name isn’t Timmy. It’s Ike. We need to balance the Mikes out with Ikes.

Let’s call him Helga!

My name is ED.

Fuck you all. Who made you the name police? His name is Timmy. Fuckers.

Fine… Timmy it is then…

You win this time, Tomiko…

Hey Bing. Welcome to RPGC n’stuff! Zelda’s totally an RPG, otherwise we wouldn’t have shrines on it! Plunge into the topics here and feel free to post whatever you want, that’s usually the best method of self-introduction. Coz like all I know about you right now is that you’re chillin’ tight in the college world and you like 11. :smiley:

-mazrim taim

Sup tim.

… College at 14? Freak.

Cala, your not supposed to call people names, Tsk Tsk.

Hey Sue. You don’t mind if I call you Sue, do you, Sue? Yeah, I thought you wouldn’t mind, Sue.

Hey Bing. Any friend of GG’s is a friend of mine. Welcome to RPGC and prepare to lose your sanity (that is if knowing GG hasn’t done that already).

Alright…let’s do this…

@ Tomiko
You can call me Timmy, and I shall call you Peppercorn

@ Evangelion
As funny as Friends is, Bing is not from him. Before I was born, instead of being called “the baby”, my parents dubbed me “Bing”. They thought it was funny since my last name is Yingling. In the past 17 years (and nine months) it has become my handle.

@ PanamaJack
You too may call me Timmy, and you too will be called Peppercorn. Also, I hope “chums” is not prision slang.

@ Xelopheris
Ike is better than Timmy, but you know what’s going to work best in the end? “Bing”

@ Pappy’s daughter
Let’s not!

@ Alyx
ED is my middle name (no, seriously, Edward)

@ Mazrim Taim
Yes, in hindsight (which is always 20/20 I might add) I probably should not have posted an intro thread. Let’s just say that next time I’m with GG, he’s going to physically feel the mistakes of his trickery.

@ don Stevus
Not much Peppercorn, you?

@ Cala
You’re totally right, how dare I learn quickly.

@ Gila-Monster
If you’re going to call me the ONE name I asked to not be called, I’m going to call you the worst name I can think of! Let’s see…I got it! Gila-Monster! Oh, crap…I can’t think of anything else. Gila-Monster it is.

@ BahamutXero
Nice to be here! Thanks for the heads up, I’m working on it. You are cool. You get a Mr. T: :suckah:

@ GG Crono 4
I know you didn’t post, but I hope you’re ready for the next time I see you…hide…well.

Heheheh…he’s just kidding, folks.

I hope… ^^;

Originally posted by Bing
@ Cala
You’re totally right, how dare I learn quickly.

Yer the kinda people that fuck up the system!

You’re obviously one of those fucking liberal Nazi reactionary right liberation army manifesto libertarian freaks!

Originally posted by Cybercompost
You’re obviously one of those fucking liberal Nazi reactionary right liberation army manifesto libertarian freaks!

You forgot Jew.

Please don’t kill me. >.>