New look

Wow, what a fresh new look RPGC has. This a major improvement over the last one. To whoever built this I tip my hat to you and shake your hand.

Uhm this is the new forum design by vBulletin. That said, this belongs in the Main Forum.

It shall be so!

It needs major work still in my opinion, it just looks wrong.

This is… new and weird.

We’ll get used to it in no time!


I love this new look. So. Fucking. Much.

Yes it is nice.
A lot of things needs to be fixed on though.

Eh, it’s pretty neat. I don’t really think it’s a big deal, really, the forum is still the forum, who cares how it looks?

Sides, it was about time for a change. :wave:

<img src=“”> This new design is so spazzy, that it makes Starstorm jenous. :smiley:

It makes the Chrono Trigger themesong stuck in my head.

My… My eeeeeyes! IT BURNS USSSSS!!! Someone turn off the brightness! Friggen’ oww… ;_;

Oh come on, all you need to do is change the forum skin back to RPGC agora default in your “User CP” -> Options. Tsk.

Changed back already. Except for the clash between the reply box and everything else it seems pretty good.

It looks so… so… amateurish! >_>

I miss reading what everyone’s favorite music album snicker was

why don’t we all put that in our sigs then!!!

The transparency around the icons isn’t clean and looks terrible with the old blue theme.

Uh, I set it back to the defaults, but the layout wont take to long to get use too. now someone BRING BACK ALL THE SMILES!! :too bad;

I like it. It’s oddly retro.