New Look of M:tG

For those of you who play Magic, this discussion/debate/conversation/thingy might interest you.

As most of you know, 8th Edition marked the 10th anniversary for Magic, and to celebrate that, they changed the look of the cards.

Now, I want to know what you think of the new look: Good, bad, don’t care?

I personally like the change. Makes it easier to read and is clearer overall. And the foils KICK ASS. My only problem is that the artifacts look too much like white cards. I can’t wait to see what Mirrodin looks like.

I haven’t seen the new cards yet…what do they look like?

Go to the bottom right where it says Card of the Day and click the little picture of a card. That’s the new look.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
I haven’t seen the new cards yet…what do they look like?

Like ass :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you can’t tell, I hate the new card face. I play Magic, not Yu-Gi-Oh :stuck_out_tongue:

Things I like:
Bigger picture space
Land types
New backgrounds for colors. Especially the artifact one

Things I don’t like:
Simplified mana and tap symbols
The Illustrated by. Why a paintbrush? I think people understand what Illus. means. And it looked better centered.
Boxes are ugly.

This is like New Coke to me. I think it sucks, and I hope they bring back classic.

They suck. They don’t look all arcane and stuff.

They look way too sci fi for magic and they also look like crap.

I don’t care, really. Magic is Magic.

They look okay. I don’t not like it, but the old ones look just fine to me.

You know what they say, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I dont like the new look… its just too… bubbly… or something.

“No sir, I dont like it!”

Magic The Gathering is TEN YEARS OLD?


This means I’m old and decrepit. I haven’t felt this aged since I realized Green Day had a Greatest Hits album (didn’t they just start getting airplay? No, Kaiser, that was 1994. AAAAAH! I’m old!)

Heh. I like it.

I like it as well. It’s not actually taht bad.

I had seen this new layout some months ago. They were using it in “You Make the Card”.

And yeah, I like it way better than the older layout.

It looks like the creators shit onto the cards.

I don’t know, I happen to like the old look better, somehow this one just feels too high tech and that just doesn’t work with m:tg. Then again I haven’t really played the game in years, my old Ice Age Merfok deck was just too damn good, and I just didn’t feel like playing with something weaker since then I might actually loose.

Originally posted by Steve
It looks like the creators shit onto the cards.

Not enough brown, and I’ve never met someone who shits out retarded looking boxes, well no-one has told me they have and I don’t ask.
[22:28:26] < Steve > I like the new card look ^^

Well, the new model isn’t that bad, but I think they should have made it look more arcane.

Yeah, I said that at one point. Then I tried playing with them. GODDAMN THEY’RE UGLY.

Thats what Naru and I said the first time I saw them, but you wouldnt agree. Well at least you’ve come around. /me hugs Steve

Never ever touch me again. Ever.