New korean MMO!

and it actually seems good.

Edit: The registering works best in IE. You have to put in all the information, then check availability of your nickname, then check the availability of your e-mail address, then get the auth from your e-mail.


That’s what you said about RO, and look how that turned out

The only experience I have with RO are the banning of any fans on (IRC) because they were mostly idiots.

SHIT! I can almost meet the sistem requirements but I’m 100MHz short. GAHH!

Trashes around in frustration

No really Cless, this game is quite good. it’s kinda crowded, but that’s around the newbie area.
Just look around, it’s a political/economic RPG. it has a very nice market system that’s even city specific. Apparently you can create your own towns, and there are random wars with japan. I like it so far.

Luckily I’m playing EVE which is the best MMO ever, so I don’t NEED your crappy korean SHIT anymore! HAHAHAH!

Then why post, cocktwat >:O

Also, please read the edit of my first post for those having trouble registering.

omg goonzu rush?

I am curious to see how I will kill the korean economy…

City of Heroes! =3