New KH games - it's good to be portable!

One for the DS, one for the PSP, and one for mobile phones. I love being right. 8D

Yeah, Nomura said a while back about wanting to go beyond just the consoles. I’m excited.

As long as they’re better than Chain of Memories was, great.

(Granted this is just me and my hatred for card based battle systems)

Well one of the games is Birth by Sleep, it’s a prequel that explains the scenes from the trailer seen on KH2. Furthermore, it is to reveal how Mickey and Maleficent got involved.

:cool: Cool. More KH games to deepen the KH storyline and distract us until KH3. I’ll admit though that I’m worried that these games might not be as good as the KH 1+2, because these games will probably be made by different people than the guys that made KH 1+2 since multiple games are coming out at once and Tetsuya Nomura is busy on FF13 Versus.

Yet there was a time when they had more than two franchises.

Chrono was never really a franchise. Star Ocean, Dragon Quest and Mana still are (although the latter has gone steeply downhill ever since SD3). What other franchises are you referring to, exactly?

Don’t forget about both SaGa and Front Mission series as well as the Blazer games (kinda).

SaGa was still going as of two years ago or so, Front Mission is still going as strong as it ever was (i.e. in Japan). Do you mean the Heaven and Earth games (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma)? I think those were always meant to be a trilogy.

Franchises/individual games that aren’t FF/KH. I mean, just about ALL of their games that they showed at the last few conferences have been FF/KH (and DQ, to a much smaller extent). I remember around pre-FFX, it was one FF game every year or so, and a whole bunch of other games that were just as good. Are they really so afraid to take chances on something different that they need to rely on FF and KH as their crutches?

Are you forgetting games like, oh, Archaic Sealed Heat, It’s a Wonderful World, Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery?

Notice I said “just about.”

But we don’t care about those, do we? We just want Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

In other words, it’s not Square-Enix’s fault at all, is it? It’s the consumers, who are more interested in fourth-time remakes of old games than brand-new ones. The answer is yes.

They say Front Mission 5 is the best in the series…if, you know, you believe Wikipedia.

I really, really don’t know why FM5 hasn’t been released. I mean, did FM4 sell that badly over here in the States or something? KH was okay but didn’t leave a profound impression on me, thus, I never played KH2 because there was some other game which seemed more impressive, like God of War 2 of Persona 3.

You can also praise (or blame)Ichiro Otobe for this.
So now Square Enix is really going multi-platform full blast. The FF VII spinoffs were just a preview of “coming attractions”.