New info on WoW classes.

Draeni can be Shamans and Blood Elves can be Paladins.

Balance? I know not of ‘balance’!

I have been laughing since I first read it and I’m never gonna stop.

Draeni? Blood Elves? Curse ye, o pirated WoW that does not allow me the most recent updates!

Balance? Outside of racials this is perfectly balancing the two factions. O_o

It’s very lame they had to do this instead of you know, taking the time and effort to balance two differing factions.

Paladin Blood Elves for the lose!!!

I would rather be a Blood Elf Shaman than a Paladin. They’re both boring as hell to play, but there already is a hot race that can be Paladins (Humans) yet none that can be Shamans. Draenei are cute, but not really hot.

I’m honestly not surprised by this post coming from Flint. I’m really not.

Well that’s really the only reason most of my characters are Human.

I don’t really see either being boring to play in PvP. Healing is one of the most fun parts of PvP

Concerning the cuteness of Draenei: I wish they were their smaller uglier counterparts like everyone originally thought :frowning:


The Green Ranger I know would never cry-- He would stand up and fight for what he believed in!

Don’t even get me started on this. PLEASE.

Come on man, get started!

<3 Blood Elves <3

I just think it is totally hilarious that the official explanation for Blood Elves being able to be Paladins is “A wizard did it”. Rofl.


Question: Are any of you guys in Battlegroup 9? Maybe I’ll run into you!

Group 8 here. I’m stuck with all the RPers ;_;


Could have been worse, they might have just tried some hamfisted approach to balance like the Tranquil Air totem fiasco.

Balancing the two factions would, frankly, be a bitch without doing something like this since they would have to balance two different classes vs eachother.
(Ignoring the overall class balance, this is the only case where they directly balance two classes relative to each other.)

All the other classes can be balanced faction vs faction. E.g. a Night Elf warrior get the same class abilities as an Undead warrior, so all they have to do is make sure that no racial abilities makes it imbalanced, while here they have to balance different abilities and even different equipment possibilities (I’d say that chain vs plate is the biggest difference) against each other.
With these changes they can balance Paladin vs Paladin and Shaman vs Shaman.

I don’t see any kind of problem with this change. It’s still the same game, the only difference is that I will be able to group with Palas and get ganked by Shammys.
(And that I might actually get around to try playing a Shaman properly since I will want to try out Draenei. It takes 'til the Horde unique class isn’t unique anymore for me to play it. ^^)

I’m more excited about the good things that will appear than the “bad” things Blizz are making up… 10 more levels (even though I still haven’t reached 60 yet, but meh :P), new areas, new mounts (air raids! XD) and just overall lots of new stuff.

Oh, and Arac. Having a pirated WoW won’t make much of a difference about this for a while yet, since nothing of this will happen until Burning Crusade (if it happens at all. Can’t tell until the expansion arrives. :P)

Now alliance hunters and horde warriors will know the pain of fighting over armor with another class.

Yeah, I saw this and shed a tear thinking it was already out, then saw that it wasn’t and all was well again. Until I learned they put in Draeni instead of Naga. I mean, fuck the Draeni/Blood Elves, I want to play me some Naga.