New Here

Hi. Can’t tell what this thread is about? Well I’ll give you a hint then, I’m new here!

I am a former fan fic/short story writer, who currently role plays. That’s about all my life is good for. Anyway, I found this on google, and hopefully my hopes for this forum won’t be wrong.

I killed a dog with my bare hands.

I’ve killed several, it’s nothing to brag about Charlemagne.

I like to put hamsters into socks, and then chuck them out the window on a freeway.

He is. . . Odd. He IM’ed me asking really strange questions. So I gave him really stupid answers and threatened to warn him.


Charlemagne? He’s harmless, he’s just trying to get you to flash your chest at him.

Your avatar… Good choice.
There are lot’s of Squall wannabees on this board. So, be carefull.

Or he’s trying to eat your face off. :smiley:

Hello and welcome. Red Army parade to honor you.

Ice Cubes.

Much like ShangTsung, this website will slowly sap your soul away. Welcome aboard!

who are you and what are you doing in my house

Wee, a newbie who knows what grammar is :smiley:

‘Sup den holmes, you back on the block? You down for representin’ the RPGC Hood? RPGC set 4 life!


Charlemagne is… different. You’ll get used to him. And the rest of us, in time, hopefully. Just don’t try too hard to fit in, and eventually, you’ll kinda sorta fit in.

Like one of those “match the shape to the hole” toddler toys with a heavy sledgehammer?

Hi and all that other generic welcome stuff.

gritty vietnam-war movie voice
welcome to 'ell, kid.

Hi! I’m your resident dangerously hyper cat girl with a bazooka & a split personality of Rikku!

Hi dude!

I thought you were at the candy store. -_-

They didn’t have sugar covered sugar cubes! So I left! :smiley:

Incase you haven’t guessed, there are some member you should just never take seriously. Charle, is a good example.

Anyway, welcome and whatever. Enjoy your stay.