New hello

Hey im new ummm well idk i couldnt find an intro page. I like to rp mostly and just be all around random, so hi

Hey, welcome

We’re not too pedantic on most things (ha ha ha) but you should at least use punctuation or at least capitals once in a while if you want your posts to be read

Yea…my bad, I tend to forget to do those kinda things.

Heck yeah! Welcome to the boards man!

Greetings friend :slight_smile: You’ll find me over on the RP boards! :smiley:

Intro page? We don’ need no stinkin’ Intro Page!! Just jump right into the middle of things! We are wacky like that here!

Oh and btw welcome, and have fun! :slight_smile:

I have also just enterd this realm here and would like to introduce myself, I hope to get started in a RPG but im not sure where to start. Anywho, I am a little psycopathic, that never hurt anyone… I also have some crazy ideas up in my head, and they want to escape.

Start as we all did, cpt., Butt in and make a character bio in an active RP that catches your eye :wink: Follow the example of others who put in THEIR bios.

Ooo! And also, Outcast is a good one :wink: jsyk :smiley:


Welcome! You’re sure to have some fun here…lol

Thanks ill be see you all around then!

Welcome to RPGClassics! Enjoy!


It is the leg which feeds the wolf, child. Remember that, and remember the hatred in his eyes as he gazes from the bluffs to us on the steppes. His lot is bitterness, broken-hearted and lonely. Why do his eyes not cry from sorrow? O, but child, they do, more than we will ever know, for the tears are swallowed by his fur, so that he may never escape the feel of them, but the world might never see their tracks. It may seem soft and shallow, but his grey coat as an armour neither of us will ever be proud enough to bear on our skinny shoulders.