New Gorillaz album/single

Feel Good Inc

Well, they’re back! Looks like Damon Albarn decided to revive the Gorillaz after all. New album in may, new single now.


Now I’m happy. I’m feeling glad.

I’ve got sunshine. In a bag. :slight_smile:

I’m useless, but not for long. My future, is comin on.

Man, I didn’t think someone else would continue it. Why couldn’t you all just point and laugh at my cheesy joke?

Because the gorillaz fucking rock your face-thing.

I remember falling asleep a few years ago. I wake up at 3 AM. First thing I see? That fucking clown ghost from, I think, the first Gorillaz video. That… That was odd.

Sweet nuts.

Holy Shit.

Now, where did I put my Gorillaz CD?

[Random cheering sound]
'Bout time.

My network card eagerly anticipates downloading it :stuck_out_tongue: