New Genesis game!

Because I’m such a classic video game nerd, I thought this was pretty cool.

A new Genesis game is going to be comercially made available for sale. <a href=“”>Super Fighter</a> has been given permission by the developer’s of an old Taiwanese Megadrive RPG, Beggar Prince, to translate and sell the game cartridge to the English-speaking community. And apparently, they’re pretty close to being done.

<a href=“”>Read all about it!</a>

As a collector and a 16-bit RPG fan, I personally can’t wait! It’ll be so much cooler to play the game on my Genesis than to play a ROM on an emulator. I just hope that the game’s price doesn’t end up being too steep…

This is the perfect chance to purchase a MegaDrive and buy as many games as I can for it. Fucking sold.

Who is giving them all these carts? Is the vendor who made the Megadrive EEPROMs and cartridges still around and producing them? I’m interested, if only because i’d like to get a handful of those babies >=)

Its cool to see this being done, maybe it will encourage similar projects to start.

The original manufacturer doesn’t have to be around; Electronic Arts cracked Sega’s proprietary code fifteen years ago now, as did Galoob, much like Atari Games and Camerica cracked Nintendo’s. It’s not that hard to make an unofficial game work on a Genesis/Mega Drive, if you have the hardware to do it.

I’m incredibly excited about this. This is like the time that new TurboGrafx game came out a couple of years ago. :smiley:

No, i meant the physical cart, who is making that?

Just checking if my Genesis still… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! My sweet dear baby is ALIVE!

That’s what I meant. EA, Camerica, and Galoob pirated Genesis carts back in the day. I can’t confirm who made their carts, but it wasn’t licensed by Sega (technically, EA’s carts were licensed by Sega, they just weren’t produced by Sega or Sega’s distributors).

Yeah, this project will be just like any other unlicensed game coming out.

The update says that <a href=“”>OlderGames</a> is handling the publishing and sale of the finished cart, so maybe that’s the answer you’re looking for, Dev.

BTW, Sat, which TurboGrafx game are you referring to? (I’m sure you know by now, but the NEC systems are anything but my area of expertise)

It was a game called <A HREF=“”>Implode</A> that was released on SCD in 2002. It’s still available (along with a lot of other Turbo games and accessories) <A HREF=“”>directly from TTI</I>.