New GB event!!

There’s a new GunBound event going on. Just log on to <a href=“”></a> and fill out a quick survey about GIS’ performance. You’ll get two new avatars and 30k gold for free!! :enguard:

But you need to have signed on before 6th July or something. Yays for mee. :smiley:

Game Boy??

Haven’t played in months, but hey, my brother or sister reinstalled it. Might as well play it again sometime.


Oh I forgot to mention that the event ends on July 12th. For those who still haven’t got the free stuff yet, hurry~

The avatars don’t come with any stats…
Oh well, at least the 30,000 gold was nice.

Aye. I was hoping for something that at least gave a bit more gold in the battle. Oh well. I got me a nice Australian Flag with my Money. :smiley:

I got gold!
Maybe I should play again.

Gunbound :hahaha;