New games!

So … I’m likely to be getting a Gamecube at some point in the reasonably near future. What game should I get first?

Wind Waker
Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic Adventure 2
PSO 1+2
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2
MegaMan X <insert modifier here>

(The reason Viewtiful Joe 2 is not on this list, is because I have not completed 1 yet.)

Metroid Prime, SSBM, then either MegaMan X (command mission, right?), or Wind Waker. Knowing you, I’d say Wind Waker, but tis’ your call.

Oh, this is over a remanufactured one from Nintendo directly, right? Mine arrived just today, and I must warn you; it came without cables. Granted, I got to use my OLD cube’s cables, but you have no such luxury. Look up such cables first. Just a power cord, hookup to TV (whichever you use), and oh yes, a controller too.

Probably a used one from EB Games, actually. Hmm … I’m leaning a bit less towards Wind Waker and more towards PSO (which I won’t actually play online), to be honest …

Prime, Prime 2 and Wind Waker are cool.

F-Zero GX = God

Animal crossing is awesome too, but you’ll miss alot of stuff if you are still in school/college/have a job.

Get Tales of Symphonia. Great game.

You abso-fuggin-lutley need to get Prime and Prime 2 first. And SSBM is a must-have for any gamecube owner.

Prime, Prime2, Windwaker, for single player. SSBM and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for multiplayer!

I agree.

:open_mouth: you guys are forgetting the some great multiplayer games! Mario Power Tennis and Bomberman: Generation!

I just got a GCN. I bought NBA 2K3 for it. I wanted ToS, though. ToE is also out for GCN now, as well. I also want Paper Mario 2. And when it comes out, the new Fire Emblem for GCN.

GameStop sucks, though because they didn’t have ToS. And I’m relatively poor, and buy my shit used. Nor did they have a Used ToE. the new one is $50 US.

Looks like I got a plan for my hard earned money…hahahaha.

Don’t get the Sonic games, they suck. The collections are good, but the Adventure ones suck. SSBM is only good if you have at least one other person to play with regularly, but there are better games out there. RE4 is pretty amazing and is quite a departure (in a good way) from the past ones in the series. PSO is a good buy, Wind Waker is pretty good, but the ocean stuff sort of sucks, Mega Man X Command Mission is fine, but there are better games (besides, it’s also on PS2 and you already have that), Metroid Prime is great if you are into the Metroid series, Tales of Symphonia is surprisingly awesome, Star Fox Adventures is pretty fun, but not quite as good as Zelda on the N64, and Twin Snakes is a awesome remake of MGS (but the controls aren’t as good on the GC controller, the Metal Gear Solids were meant to be playe don the PSX/PS2).

The new Sonic games don’t suck, although they do have their issues (mostly camera issues). But once you get used to the camera a bit, they become quite fun. Besides, Sonic Adventure DX is worth the price for the 11 Game Gear games alone. Sonic Heroes, on the other hand, is supposedly pretty bad, even in comparison to the Sonic Adventure games. If anything, try to test the Sonic Adventure games out before you buy them. Some people love 'em, others can’t stand 'em. But I think they’re pretty good, and definitely worth owning.

Anyway, I’d recommend Wind Waker and Paper Mario 2 the most (the Metroid games are good too, although I haven’t played Prime 2 yet). And Resident Evil 4 seems to be getting rave reviews too, although I haven’t played it yet.

For multiplayer, SSBM and Mario Kart: DD, for sure.

On the topic of GC games, does RE4 need you to have played the original 3? I’ve played 2 and a small portion of 1, but none of 3. Or is RE4 accessible to newbies?

Ion, I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure RE4 is a radically different take on the RE series, so none of the games will really “prepare” you for it. But it couldn’t hurt to read up on the plot of RE3, because it might have a bit of a role in RE4. But then again, I haven’t played 3 or 4 either.

Yar, Metroid Prime is a great first choice, even if you aren’t too big on FPS games. SSBM is another excellent choice IF you have some friends to play with, and it’s a good game even against the CPU.

I’ve also heard really good things about Skies of Arcadia. It’s a port of the Dreamcast version, and from what I hear, it’s an excellent RPG with a unique setting. It’s a shame it’s so hard to find these days; I’ve looked all over for it, and I haven’t seen it at all.

I second that.

The new Sonic game suck because they are boring. Sonic 2 blows harder than Sonic 1. The Sonic sections aren’t too bad, but the Knuckles and Tails parts blow, ESPECIALLY Knuckles (and the same goes for their evil counterparts). Sonic 1 isn’t as bad, but it is still pretty boring and there are many better games on the GC than those. Sonic 2 proves it is possible to suck and blow at the same time. Sonic 1 is all right, but there are so many better games. Besides, if he ants to play GG games, he can get the Collection Plus and not wate his time playing through Sonic Adventure 1.

Dalton, RE4 is radically different, but not inaccessible to veterans. If he wanted to “prepare” for it, RE2 would be better since it has the hero of this game and could give a better back story. I don’t have 4, but I’ve played it and RE2 is a better choice than 3. RE1 would also be good since it is the basis for all the games. However, you don’t need to “prepare” for RE4, it is just like any other game in the series.

Basic RE story outline.
RE0 -> RE1 -> RE: Outbreak (the city and prologue to 2) -> RE3 (Jill [after train to end])-> RE2 -> RE3 (Jill [before RE2 up to train part]) -> RE:CV (Claire and Chris) -> RE4(Leon)

Okay, but which game should I get first?

Metroid: Prime

You should get Paper Mario 2.