New forum styles!!!

Thanks to the work of 984 and I (984 colors me forum edits), we have two brand new ways for you to view the Agora.

Go to your Menu, then your Options screen, then scroll down to Style Set. Normally there was just one option for you, Default. But now if you click the drop-down box you’ll see other options. RPGC Blue is just the usual color scheme and the default one, but Soylent Green and Tombstone Grey are two brand new color layouts you can choose if you want. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

I like them. You both get a hug! hugs Merl and megaman984

Yay! I like both of the other ones, but I prefer tombstone grey myself. Thanks for putting all the effort into this! 8D

Tombstone has a hidden feature.

I like them both, they’re easy on the eyes and don’t really look out of place, compared to the regular blue. Thanks for doing this, both of you.

Originally posted by Megaman984
Tombstone has a hidden feature.

Really? What?

Ah, it wouldn’t be hidden then.

I’ll probably stick with blue for now at least. It shows up better on my old-morass monitor, it’s more RPGCy and, and, it’s blue

I’m all used to the blue and junk.

<img src=“”> Very nice looking indeed. Even so the Soylent Green is evil, it still pretty neat color.

<img src=“”> runs in Soylent Green is made out Pokemon…looks at self That right, I am a living corpse made out of pokemon heads…leaves

Tombstone fits best with my color schemes and such.

Tombstone Grey for me…

“Rise from your grave!”

Tombstone for me. Boy, I’m gonna have to redo those Cecil images for Merl so they blend with all the new colors… after the commercials.

And there is nothing that tombstone can have besides a few extra hacks.

They all look good, but I’ll stick with blue until a nice shade of dark red is out.


Originally posted by d Galloway
[b]Tombstone Grey for me…

“Rise from your grave!” [/b]


Tombstone Grey is nice 8D Good work, guys.

Bah, tombstone is too dull and green is too wierd, I guess I’ll just stick to good ole’ blue

Umm… I’m afraid I like neither. And green IS my favorite color! I guess I’m just too used to the Boards being blue.

But, it is always good to have options, they help to satisfy a larger number of people. So, once again, thanks for continuing to innovate for our sake, guys!

BTW, I wonder how many people these days get the “Soylent Green” reference? BRRR!
(Trivia bit: you can also find that reference in Xenogears.)

I see Wilf didn’t know about RPGC two Halloweens ago.

Nope, I joined only one year ago.
(Earlier, formally, but only was active regularly from June 2002 on.)
(Hey, maybe I should celebrate!) :yipee: