New Flight Record

Although he had complained of a headache and fatigue, Fossett was all smiles and steady on his feet despite lack of sleep and nothing to eat for three days but diet milk shakes. Fossett, 60, who had been in a cockpit the size of a telephone booth, still managed an agile dodge when Sir Richard Branson sprayed him from a shaken bottle of champagne in a gesture of congratulations.

The wierd thing is it’s for March 4th, but it’s still the 3rd.

Probably something to do with the International Date Line.

Bravo. Though, I’d say Magellan’s Voyage was much more impressive: All he had was a few frigates, not a purpose built airplane.

But its still pretty cool that there’s a new record out there that someone is going to try to beat, thus advancing travel technologies.

Someone is going to try to beat it, but they will only have the record for quickest time he has the first flight around solo. By the way that town is only an hour from me.