New fanfic by me! It's already finished though. ^.^

Yup. I finished a FFX not to long ago and thought it’d be cool to post it here. Feedback is appriciated. ^.^


Oh man, that’s hysterical! I just got to chapter four and sat chuckling like a crazed chicken at the “He’s looking for Rikku… in my body!!” comment :slight_smile: This is EVIL I say! You have some great descriptions and a good flow in the text, the characterizations are neat too.

EDIT: Now as I read on, I find one little nitpick though. It seems strange that Auron or anybody else would send a prayer to Yevon, considering what happened in the game. But it’s just a detail, perhaps :slight_smile: Great stuff apart from that!

Oh, that. I realized that mistake after I wrote the chapter. But I didn’t feel like rewriting the part. It’s a mistake on my part. Gomen! :eek: